I have a birdseye maple armoire that is a wardrobe. Some birdseye isn't worth much just depends on the buyers intentions and how bad they want it. Alternatively, wood turners may prefer the aggressive scraping properties of a bowl gouge tool. It's valued in furniture as well, but pretty much the same as other hardwoods. Price-$3 to $15. Birdseye Maple Lumber. My dad and grandpa have been the biggest buyers of birdseye and curly maple in the northern wi and mi area for the past 40 years, if you ever run into a tree like this again message me. Estimate $100 - $200 Feb 21, 2009. Accordingly, specialty lumber suppliers like us, Cook Woods or Gilmer are good places to find highly figure maple boards. Ft. 2.51% heavier than red oak (3.58 /bd. “Is Baked Birdseye Maple or Flamed Maple Stable?” www.crookcustomguitars.com, 4 October, 2012, http://www.crookcustomguitars.com/2012/10/04/baked-birdseye-maple-flame-maple-stable/. Significantly, the figure sprouts  from stunted growth branches. Good luck on selling it, you should be able to get a nice price. I feel confident that using baked maple will give you a distinctive neck with no stability issues. The average selling price of a bird’s-eye maple log is in the range of $20,000 to $30,000 per 1,000 board feet. It … Tall Antique Birdseye Honey Maple Dresser With Decorative Beveled Mirror 4 photo. Birdseye maple table. ”. All lumber is graded to National Hardwood Association Standards Acoustically, the baked maple neck was a bit more resonant and louder. Birdseye maple is creamy white with a reddish tinge and usually has a straight grain, sometimes curly or wavy. Rays are longer than in Soft Maple. Maple, Birds’ Eye Veneer Species Guide Columbia Forest Products is proud to offer an exciting variety of hardwood and decorative softwood species of faces to meet the demand for architectural individuality in interior design applications. How much is my antique bird's eye maple secretary desk worth. Birdseye Maple is distinguishable from Hard Maple by the round patterns scattered throughout the wood. Welcome to Yankee Veneer: We are the largest processor of birdseye maple in the world. Bird’s Eye Maple lumber sells for a substantial premium to un-figured maple. fantastic birdseye maple top fin ish. Unfortunately, Bird’s eye figured maple is more difficult to turn than unfigured maple. How to sell your maple trees or any other timber. I live in houghton and we don't sell our birdseye at a set cost. 4. Get the best deals on Maple Antique Dressers & Vanities (1900-1950) ... Kittinger Mahogany and Birdseye Maple Nine-Drawer Highboy Dresser, Circa 1930s. Usually 2.5-20 times that of unfigured Sugar Maple. desks maple secretary-desks. Logs selling in the range of $50,000 per thousand board feet is not uncommon with extremes to as high as $80,000/M for the perfect logs. Custom Exotic Lumber Orders: Our Birdseye Maple lumber is of the highest quality and kiln dried (unless otherwise noted.) S2S: Surfaced two sides, add $0.40/bd.ft. How To Sell Maple Trees. Therefore, out of necessity, lumber companies use the following methods: When maple lumber shows Birdseye figure, the grain orientation is typically flat-sawn. By Nancy, 3 months ago on Questions & Answers. Shipping, Payment & Auction Policies. Please contact us for current information. This leads me to conclude that the eye is a form of epicormic budding, or dormant buds that, when exposed to light, will grow a new branch. Shop birdseye maple furniture and other birdseye maple furniture from the world's best dealers at 1stDibs. I’ve used baked birdseye and flamed maple necks on several customer guitars and have had the same positive results. We make solid wood blanks and veneers from birdseye maple for musical instruments, fine furniture, steering wheels, shift knobs, luxury cars and luxury jets.. Click on this link to find out about our birdseye maple special offers.Click this link to see a slide show of our beautiful veneers (large PDF). Still looks pretty clean, so I'm gonna have to break her in quite a bit more. Instead of the regular vertical and more linear grain of maple, birdseye has a rounded, randomly swirling grain that is dotted with dark amber, brown or nearly black spots. Im new to a real GPS, and am use to my iPhone showing satellite images in the geocaching app. Normally, a neck will take days or weeks of adjustments under string tension before it is stable. So what if we took the same 20 hour project but somehow found a way to communicate with the customer and source materials in four hours instead of seven. Prices are per board foot and discounts are given at quantities of 10 board feet and 100 board feet. Our Birdseye wood pricing depends on grade specifications and market availability. Wood Magazine. The best location to discover this bird’s-eye characteristic is in the Lake Superior watershed, with the primary area being in the northern half of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. See Sold Price. Defects that impact the peeling process are costly. However, it is a relatively rare flooring wood option. Drawer Ring Pull Lions Head Brass 4 photo. Solid condition. 20%; 20: Antique birdseye maple dresser w mirror.