If your system just isn't cutting it, however, it's probably time to think about hiring in something more suitable, and of course the cost of this will have to be taken into account. More videos like How to Set Up a Band PA System https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlczpwSXEOyaQLOZPPc4R1f-w8yGtNmjD Shop the … More space and the ability to set up multiple stages. A raised outdoor performance stage constructed of wood can enhance the overall sound at an outdoor concert while also providing a protective structure for electronics and other stage equipment. CONCERT-PROMOTIONS.com. Make sure your event will work in an outdoor setting Not every event will work out-of-doors. If it’s an outdoor concert in an open space, set up a great stage for your artists, rent the stage equipment including light and sound. This makes things easier during setup and take-down, and also frustrates the inclination of all humans to walk along, jump on or kick any cable they come across (that's why they put power lines up in the air, if you've ever wondered). Instead, put out patio or folding camping chairs. All the drinks went out 30 minutes before the party started and I didn’t have to think about the bar until we were three If you’re setting your movie night up on a driveway, blankets might not be plush enough to soften the ground. The views expressed are those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the publishers. Will the organisers be putting appropriate security and safety measures in place. First Look: Pro Tools | Carbon. I am usually content to agree an off-centre control position in return for a closed-off area to one side, which means that I can run all my cables and operate entirely within an audience-free zone. But from hiring the staff that keeps things running to booking the bands that draw big crowds, planning one requires a lot of organization. Most show generators will have a selection of 32A and 16A outlets, but it's better to be sure, as these kind of connectors aren't the sort of thing you can pop out and buy from the local supermarket. If there's no clearly defined audience area, the audience will invariably spread themselves out widely, which you should take into account when choosing and setting up the PA system. Outdoor power cables need to be fitted with IEC60309 standard connectors (the 'domestic' type should really only be for backline and individual pieces of gear within the system), and should be either armoured or suitably rated for outdoor use. Lamp posts are an ideal outdoor lighting option for front and back yards. Since every setup will be a little different, we recommend you view each and then determine which type of configuration works best for your setup. Unfortunately, that’s not the reality in most cases. Furthermore the media will be impressed if you do something nobody h… Either way, it's the time of year when many live events move into the open, offering opportunities and challenges to those involved with providing live sound. They should, after all, have included wind-loading details on their event's risk assessment, and you could always ask to see it, as it affects your safety as much as anyone else's. The important thing is to be able to demonstrate that you have considered the risks involved in what you will be doing at the event (everything from unloading and rigging to packing away afterwards), and have identified what you will do to control them if necessary. Often, the field or outdoor space you choose won’t have been designed for music events. It is critical to set up the stage correctly, so that the band and the audience can enjoy the best sound quality possible. See more ideas about outdoor stage, outdoor, backyard. Let’s move the party outside! Wired is preferable, as it provides a more reliable connection and can be done as easily as plugging a long Ethernet cable into your encoder (like the BoxCaster or BoxCaster Pro). More room for vendors. A low turnout can be be a bummer for you, the promoter, and most of all – the fans. This allows you to preview your video, change privacy settings, and set up manual start and stop. Stacking two subs together, rather than one either side of the stage, for example, could improve the system's projection. Hosting a benefit concert series for your cause is one of the easiest and most rewarding methods of raising money. They provide ample overhead lighting coverage. A glade in the forest might be a beautiful setting for a wedding, but it’s probably got poor Wi-Fi (if any at all). Plan what equipment is needed for the concert. Melanie Woodward wrote about event planning for The Balance Small Business, and is the creator of the popular Event Planning Blueprint. Don’t book a concert the same night as a major competing event that your fans will already be at. Win! In the case of shade cover, remember that if you're there all day the sun will be coming from a different direction after a while, and as well as overheating amps and active speakers, too much direct sunlight can easily wipe out LCD displays if they're left exposed. How to Set Up an Outdoor P.A. System If you have ever attended a great outdoor concert, chances are you didn’t notice the PA system. It's worth experimenting with subwoofer placement if you need to get the most out of your system. With luck, the pack-up will be done in the dry, but if you're unlucky enough to cop a wet one, where the gear will be in the van overnight, try to dry everything off as it goes into the van, and maybe leave the speaker covers off so that air can circulate around them. Maximum Size & Throw Distance. We still get cassettes and Minidiscs (which we can actually cope with), and various breeds of solid-state players, which, for some reason, their owners rarely seem able to operate. Whether you’re most interested in an event space for weddings, parties, or a concert hall for shows, there are certain aspects of the business that remain constant. Decorate the interior of the club and make sure that all arrangements comply … In fact, streaming live video often involves capturing outdoor events, which present a unique set of challenges, opportunities, and requirements. Pros of an outdoor festival. Festival day is nuts. You'll gain practical experience in the skills needed to do the work and begin building a network fo professional connections to draw on when it's time to plan your own festival for the first time. Backlight best conveys dynamics, shows color and looks awesome in haze.. For many shows, a simple black backdrop is the only set piece, so the flashing backlight doubles as the “set”.. That's assuming, of course, that's it's not raining or unduly windy, the gear is functioning correctly, you didn't leave anything behind, the performers are a delight to work with and no-one is hassling you. Set up your own ded… Once activated, you can go live instantly. It's best not to be too specific about the actual gear you'll be using, as for smaller events it really isn't critical, in my view, but there are always those who insist on having a certain brand of microphone or monitor speaker, given half a chance. With my own setup, it works out that I set up the mixer end, while two other guys do the mains/monitors and stage rig, and all three come together in under an hour, including those little open-air touches like having to level off the speakers on uneven ground using a few wooden shims, having tarpaulins strategically placed near the kit, and so on. Our set-up was first and foremost a functional outdoor bar, which to me means roomy, sturdy and self-sufficient. Have tickets printed if they are to be used. If it’s an outdoor concert in an open space, set up a great stage for your artists, rent the stage equipment including light and sound. I like to run the system gently for a few minutes, then put on a test track. How to Set Up a PA System. In a perfect world, every live event broadcast would take place inside a warm building with fast, reliable internet access. Figure out how many artists are involved in the concert. A permanently wired electrical installation is preferable, as it will have all the necessary protection built in, but there's no problem running from a generator, provided that it's fit for purpose and is of the 'super silent' type. These 10 settings are no rules that you have to obey, but they’ve helped me building up my portfolio and becoming the music photographer I am today. When considering the elements, it's important to include wind and direct sun, too, as these can be just as challenging, in their own way, as a heavy shower. Venue set up . This way, even supporters from out of town and people who cannot attend will have a way to give. An advance site visit can be very useful for assessing how the gig can be specified and organised, and I will always try to arrange one with the organisers at an early date. Finally, make sure you have plenty of tape to repair or stick things down with, nylon cable ties for fastening anything to anything, and a selection of tools in case serious repair is required. I sometimes carry a couple of small floodlights for use when packing up, but if the power has been cut off as well, we often end up using the van headlights as a last resort. Remember that it's not just rain that can cause problems: direct sunlight can overheat equipment too, and strong winds can easily knock equipment over. What is summer without outdoor rock shows? So plan other things for people to do while at the event. For this, you probably want to be somewhere around 90dBA (the “A” designates A weighting on the dB measurement) at As most of my summer work is outdoors, I keep a standard rig more-or-less ready to roll: the power cabling, leads trunk, mics, monitors and so on go out on every gig, as well as a set of main speakers appropriate to the event. Tuning the system, whether automatically or with EQ, is also important and needs to be carried out in the context of the venue, as open spaces are just as variable as rooms and halls. This is a topic for a separate discussion, but it's not something to avoid or place in the 'too difficult' category, as it's really only a matter of common sense. Make your concert an event, not just a performance. Where the gig is being held in part of a larger area and there is no physical boundary, it's best to assume that the audience may well spread a bit wider than planned, so a listening walk around the extreme edges of the area may also be worthwhile. It's not unusual to deal with folk who have no awareness of sound systems at all, and seem surprised when I mention the need to run cables between pieces of equipment! Outdoor events often feature a line-up of different acts, and sometimes the sound crew are expected to manage them on and off stage, although most performers will set up their own instruments and backline. They will be able to recommend something suitable, and you may also pick up some valuable information from them at the same time. Mixers can cost around $20 to $250. Determine the right size venue for your event, of you may stare back at empty seats rather than raving fans The weather will be a primary concern at any outdoor event. The last outdoor festival I went to (which wasn’t an overnight camping weekend) had this rules list: No coolers, chairs or umbrellas No outside food or drink (excluding 1 sealed bottle of water no larger than 750 ml) For example, you can use backdrops to create a scene that will fit with the theme of your concert. Concert and music festival organization, promotion and production books built on over 4 decades of hardened experience. Pulling it off will require some planning and maybe even a rehearsal or two. It's very tempting to just say yes because you really want the gig, but it's worth adopting a business-planning approach, where you realistically assess your capability to deliver what's required, and don't take on something you can't really handle. Lighting can cost around $5 to $175. Katie O’Reilly is the Senior Partner of Business Development at Kenmare Catering and Events , which operates the Germania Place location in the heart of Chicago’s Gold Coast. To best capture different angles, think about having a wide shot of the space, a shot of the audience from the side of the stage, and a close-up of the person on stage from one … With my own setup, it works out that I set up the mixer end, while two other guys do the mains/monitors and stage rig, and all three come together in under an hour, including those little open-air touches like having to level off the speakers on uneven ground using a few wooden shims, having tarpaulins strategically placed near the kit, and so on. Tweet. Ask the organisers to make sure the supply is robust enough to handle it. If your system isn't really delivering the goods beyond 20 or 30 paces, you probably need something more suitable, but there are a few things to experiment with first. Posters/Fliers: Put up posters around town and hand out fliers at community events to spread the word; Festival Activities. 9 of 14. Low Light Concert Photography Tips – Low Light Settings Get tips and advice for photographing concerts with low light stages from world renowned photographer, Matthias Homauer. Set up a backstage, dressing room and take care of the food arrangements at the concert. One area where I have found I sometimes need to be a tiny bit pushy is the question of what to do if it rains. But, don’t stress. Luckily, some of them will also be live-sound experts and will tell you that this or that instrument needs to go up or down by a dB or so, which I always find particularly helpful when I'm trying to track down what's ringing slightly in the mix and my friend the dance teacher has returned to let me know what comes after track 17 on the other CD. Here’s how to create an oasis for a backyard party where the revelers are satiated and no one gets eaten alive. If you are operating under a contract of services, it's advisable to include a clause about what facilities the organisers are responsible for providing. Re: 7 Lessons On Practicing Music You Can Take From Joh... Re: One Synth Challenge V - The Filter Strikes Back! One can never have too many XLR leads, mics, DI boxes or adaptors of every persuasion, so they always travel with me, on the basis that I'd rather have 20 spare mics in the van than be just one short for the gig. You can even set out a pot of bug-repelling plants like lavender, basil, rosemary and mint. Here are some great tips on what you will need to stay warm and You can even ask bands to set up team pages and fundraise in the weeks leading up to the show. The next thing to consider is the food, drinks and other activities that will take place throughout the festival. One way of getting the organiser to understand and sympathise with the sound requirements is to explain in practical terms what providing live sound for their event invloves, and I have found that a quick diagram with a few arrows showing the signal path from stage mics to desk and back to front of house speakers is a useful tool. View All. Below, we’ll show you a few common ways for setting up PA systems. Always liste… Try moving the left and right speakers closer together, play around with the cabinet angles, and if you're using two or more subs, try putting them in a single cluster in the centre or to one side, instead of splitting them up. Great care has been taken to ensure accuracy in the preparation of this article but neither Sound On Sound Limited nor the publishers can be held responsible for its contents. The type of supply dictates what power cables you need to take with you, and it's worth building up a selection of properly made adaptors and getting a weather-rated distribution unit of your own. Checklist for Indoor Venues Checklist for Outdoor Venues Web site designed & maintained by PB Associates & SOS. However, if the concert was bad, you must have noticed it. Melanie Woodward wrote about event planning for The Balance Small Business Venue size and type are important. Outdoor live-sound work can be immensely satisfying to do — but it also involves some serious preparation... Now that Summer is finally here, it's time to dust off the sun hat, deckchair and cool box — or should that be waterproof jacket, hot flask and tarpaulins? Jan 9, 2017 - Explore Joey Spivey's board "outdoor stage ideas", followed by 103 people on Pinterest. All the drinks went out 30 minutes before the party started and I didn’t have to think about the bar until we were three hours into the party and I topped up the ice all around. Re: Why would Kurzweil have moved 'forward' by removing... 7 Lessons On Practicing Music You Can Take From John Co... One Synth Challenge V - The Filter Strikes Back! Line arrays tend to be more compact and easier to handle with fewer crew members, give nice, wide dispersion, and are scalable according to how far away the back of your audience will be. See more ideas about outdoor stage, outdoor, backyard. At outdoor gigs where the audience is crowding the stage, the volume level isn't likely to be a problem, but for more laid-back events people will tend to bring their picnic rug, find a nice spot behind a big tree about 100 yards from the stage, then complain that the music isn't loud enough. Outdoor stages tend to be relatively large, which means you may need more monitors than you're used to using at indoor events. Below are the challenges you might face and tips on how to overcome them. To live video stream, you’ll need to be connected to the internet, wired or through Wi-Fi. Is there a mission or cause? Save Pin FB. Covering up unsightly wires and other gear is the first step to making your stage attractive. Someone wants to cover one of my songs... but wants to ... Is there a site plan showing the performance area, mix position and audience coverage area? I've learnt from bitter experience not to unload the van until the stage and mix position are ready and clear of other people drilling, hammering and climbing on things, but once all this is done, the setting-up process can begin as planned, and this is probably the most straightforward part — provided the planning was done properly! This can be sent out to the performers and will establish the right level of expectation. and becoming the music photographer I am today. Not only will you build local awareness and gain support for your organization, but you'll also get to enjoy some great music in the process. For this, you probably want to be somewhere around 90dBA (the “A” designates A weighting on the dB measurement) at the 100 foot point. Here’s how to create an oasis for a backyard party where the revelers are satiated and no one gets eaten alive. These features are very important for outdoor projection as you’ll likely be putting the projector on a card table or the like wherever you can fit in your outdoor setup and you’ll need to immediately and on the fly adjust the image to fit the projection surface. Like any successful event, make sure you set yourself up for success. While you take care of logistics, don’t miss out on getting the required permits for noise and alcohol consumption. It will take a large number of people to pull off a successful event. At most concerts activity is limited to waiting around, watching music, or buying merchandise and drinks. I use one of my standard favourites first, because I know how the rig should sound, and then I use some material that is roughly similar to what the live acts will be doing. Give the evening a purpose. Depending on the size of the generator and what load is connected, it may require an earth (ground) spike to be driven into the ground (an RCD is required however the earth is bonded). Plan what equipment is needed for the concert. Not sure where to start planning your festival? Every element of a concert can be within the purview of a concert promoter, but nothing is more You will likely need someone to focus on organizing the events/task schedule, an on-site venue manager, possibly a publicity representative, a talent agent, musicians, event staff and/or volunteers. I'm glad I took this decision for a recent job, where my desk was knocked to the floor by an escaping gazebo. I make sure all the small, removable items, like mics, DI boxes and jack cables, are put away first, and I also try to ensure that there's someone keeping a general eye on things near the stage and near the mixer. Set up utilities for your new property and take out an insurance policy to protect the business investment. While And then the wireless IP camera is in the network. You can just show up and mosh, or if you’re like me…prepare well! Shouting into the breeze or using a form of semaphore to communicate with the band is frustrating and wastes time. Make sure to make arrangements for these items early. Outdoor stages tend to be large, and a four-piece band may find themselves more spaced apart than they are used to, and will need more from the foldback than at an average indoor gig. One final thought: if you make a note of all the things you wish you'd done differently, or that you wish someone else had done differently, and use this to improve your next outdoor adventure, there's just a chance you may even start to enjoy yourself!