Mahogany is a commercially important lumber prized for its beauty, durability, and color, and used for paneling and to make furniture, boats, musical instruments and other items. One of a kind exotic hardwood… It is occasionally used as a substitute for Genuine Mahogany , and is sometimes referred to as “Sapele Mahogany.” Akuk, Benin mahogany, Bisselon, Bitehi, Diala iri, Eri Kiree, Khaya mahogany, Ogwango, Senegal mahogany. If you require a hardwood species not listed, or to … Color Mahogany, depending on the species, can vary from from pale pinkish browns to darker reddish browns Usage … African Mahogany Onyx Exclusive Smooth - Hardwood floor available in Engineered « Back. How to Order from McKinney Hardwood Lumber. Exotic. The Exotic Collection, stunning … Africa. It is easy to work, glue and finish. Mahogany, African. View as Grid List. SKU: N/A Categories: All, Unfinished Tags: flooring, hardwood, unfinished. Mahogany African "Its color, texture and grain give it a very close resemblance to classic Honduras Mahogany. BELLAWOOD- 1/2" x 5-1/8" Select Santos Mahogany Prefinished Engineered Flooring- 100 Year Warranty Santos Mahogany offers a lavish reddish brown with lighter orange-browns spread across its fine … Other types of hardwoods with mahogany in their names are African Mahogany and Honduran Mahogany. Cart 0. To order lumber simply telephone us at … The heartwood color is variable, ranging from a very pale pink to a deeper reddish brown, sometimes with … Other Names: Mucarala, mgando, maccarati, siri. Color ranges from creamy-white sapwood to reddish brown heartwood… It's texture is medium to coarse. This species is a medium to dark brown hardwood with a light colored sapwood. American Manufactured African Exotic Species Hardwood Flooring Brenco Exotic Woods is an American Manufactured Hardwood Flooring. African Mahogany has heartwood with variable color, ranging from a very pale pink to a deeper reddish brown, sometimes with streaks of medium to dark reddish brown. x 6 ft. Poplar S4S Board (2-Pack) 1 in. Santos Mahogany is often used in hardwood flooring as an alternative to true mahogany wood. Request Quote. There are also many other species of trees that are sold as false mahoganies to increase their value. … It’s sold both in lumber and veneer form. Grain is straight to interlocked. African Mahogany. Thompson Mahogany is a direct importer of over 25 species of tropical hardwood lumber. African Mahogany heartwood ranges from light to deep reddish-brown in color. Canfield, OH 44406 P: 330.533.3122 F: 330.533.0781 Toll Free: 800.732.1697 Email: Cart ID: 206052881787 African Mahogany quantity. The tree is reported to reach heights of 110 to 140 feet, with trunk … Sort By. Hardwood Lumber. Baillie Lumber provides African Mahogany "khaya Ivorensis". *Note prices may vary and are subject to change without notice . Like Genuine Mahogany, African Mahogany is quite stable once … Many different species are labeled and sold as “African Mahogany… The principal use of Mahogany … In our ongoing tour of the Mahogany species, we are heading across the Atlantic to Africa. Comments: Sapele is a commonly exported and economically important African wood species. African Mahogany. Burkea. The uniform pattern of mahogany… Wood Type. Relatively hard and works well aside from the woolly surfaces that sanding produces; highly lustrous and polishes well; very durable wood." African Mahogany, dimensional hardwood lumber is ready for your craftsmanship to be made into cabinets, furniture, trim, or your own special project. It is a hardwood … PATTERN MAHOGANY … ... Swaner Hardwood… African Mahogany is a tough wood to get a handle on because it is conglomerate product. African Mahogany. Africa: 8/4: $7.50 bf . Nanolinx® HD. Mahogany is a popular species that's available in a variety of sizes, grades, and types. For specific evaluations and prices call (703) 451-9217 Color tends to darken with age. Khaya ivorensis, common names: Khaya Color varies from light to deep reddish-brown medium to somewhat course texture, works very well. Placing an order with McKinney Hardwood Lumber is very simple. Hardwood • Softwood • Plywood & More since 1984. Santos Mahogany, a popular species of hardwood from Brazil is not actual mahogany. African Mahogany Plywood comes in 4′ x 8′ Sheets available in 1/4 inch and 3/4 inch thickness. x 8 ft. African Mahogany … Let us study each of these wood … Show. A tree common in the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. The leading importer of mahogany is the United States, followed by Britain; while the largest exporter today is Peru, which surpassed Brazil after that country banned mahogany … x 12 in. W x Varying Length Click Lock Exotic Hardwood Flooring(24.94 sq.ft./cs) T x 4-3/4 in. by boomer | Mar 29, 2017 | Formal Name: Khaya ivorensis Color: Sapwood is creamy white or yellowish color. Khaya / African Mahogany is a hardwood with an interlocked or straight grain, often with a ribbon figure, and a moderately coarse texture. African Mahogany Onyx Exclusive Smooth. The rich coloring and irridencent ribbons after finishing make African Mahogany very popular for furniture. 5 Items . x 12 in. Home Legend High Gloss Santos Mahogany 3/8 in. Distribution: The species … Burkea africana. x 12 in. African Hardwood Tree Types By Otehlia Cassidy ... African Mahogany is the English name for a dark, reddish-brown wood whose scientific name is Khaya anthoteca. African mahogany LATIN NAME: Hymenaea courbaril OTHER COMMON NAMES: jatoba. Mahogany is used in the bodies, tops, necks, backs and sides of guitars and mandolins. Set Descending Direction. African Mahogany is the cheapest of the Mahoganies, and it is often purchased for use as an affordable alternative to Genuine Mahogany. per page. Mahogany actually refers to four different species of hardwood trees, three of which are primarily found in the Americas, while one is found in Africa. Common Thicknesses are 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4. African Mahogany stair treads, handrails, and balusters combined create strong and … African Mahogany hardwood is one of our most popular wood species used to create beautiful hardwood stair balustrades. Logs may have brittle or soft heartwood and … We work with African Exotic Wood Species Only. It comes from an entirely different species of trees. Swaner Hardwood: Swaner Hardwood: Swaner Hardwood: Name: 1 in. In West Africa, where it grows, it is … Contact us for more information. Typically used for veneer, plywood, turned items, furniture, boatbuilding and interior trip. Janka Hardness Value: 2350. Baird Brothers Sawmill, Inc. 7060 Crory Rd. The Tree. x 6 ft. African Mahogany S4S Board (2-Pack) 1 in. ... African Mahogany; African Mahogany. When freshly sawn the heartwood is a light pinkish-brown color, that deepens to a reddish-brown and sometimes has a purple hue. Description Additional information Reviews (0) Shipped from North Carolina nation wide. When you buy a Easoon USA African Heritage Mahogany 1/2" Thick x 5" Wide Varying Length Engineered Hardwood Flooring online from Wayfair, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your … Exotic hardwood. It’s sold both in lumber and veneer form. Welles Hardwood Santos Mahogany 2/3" Thick x 3-3/4" Wide x 73" Length Solid Hardwood Flooring TOMO3258 Wayfair on sale for $234.25 original price $252.99 $ 234.25 $252.99 5/4 AFR. Region. African Mahogany wood is one of the most popular exotic tonewoods available for major manufacturers and custom builders. Collection .