Legacy Sac Ritual Mana: Blue Mana: Green. Tapland Filter CMC: Mana: Jund Mana: Mardu Jund is a color combination that thrives on value and threats. Sac Land ETB Tapped Draw Mana: Dimir Modern Cameo Playtest v1. Mana: Green CMC: Aura Historic Snow Basic Cost Reduction CMC: Historic: Banned Battery Reclamation Mana: Colorless Ramp Mana: Golgari CMC: Reclamation Mana: Gruul Depletion Dual Pioneer Familiar Color Identity: Izzet CMC: Historic: Banned Contents. Gate (60 cards, 26 distinct) - Reflecting Pool, Woodland Cemetery, Rootbound Crag, Dragonskull Summit, Lightning Bolt, Vivid Marsh, Jund Panorama Statistics for Mindxflayer's jund - Deckbox Home Dork Treasure Standard Mana Restriction Human Brawl Treasure Die sehr teure Mana-Base, die euch jede Menge Wildcards abverlangt wird jedoch stark unter der Standard-Rotation im Oktober leiden. Modern: Banned CMC: Adventure Lastly, the mana base has to transform significantly to accommodate the red splash. Color Identity: White Mana: Rakdos Mana: Izzet Forest Bond Dual Eldrazi Tutor Color Identity: Orzhov Enchant Land Replacement Land Commander Tutor Land Legacy Mana Restriction Color Identity: Dimir In particular, I owe a special thanks to Hall of Famer Frank Karsten's writings on the topic. Color Identity: Temur, Mana: Any Color Ritual Mana: Esper CMC: Mana: White I’ll begin with a few words on Jund Monsters’ mana base. Is a majority basic land mana base feasible in a 3 color deck, specifically Jund? Mana: Gruul Cost Reduction Mana: Any Color Transformer Automatic Mana: Golgari Koskun Keep. Color Identity: Jund Sac Ritual