And for his first job, … 1 Canon 2 Quotes 3 Fanon 4 Fandom 5 Trivia 6 Gallery 6.1 Anime 6.2 Manga 7 Media 8 References We first see Legosi and Louis meeting in the place where Tem died, both paying him tribute. Ace Attorney Micro charms $ 5.00. Louis offers to show Legosi his house, bringing him to the tower where he was planned to be sold as live meat when he was young, and reveals that his original list price was 7,000,000 yen. Don't really know what the anime is about, but here you go. The chapter ends with Melon strangling Legosi. Beastars Legosi pulls away and apologizes. Louis tells him the reason for good deeds doesn't matter, and, to very loosely paraphrase, the fact they are done does. Louis is driven to the center of the back alley market's turf war. He makes an uncensored and improper speech about the black market and the need for carnivores to eat meat, shocking the press. Legosi agrees and goes with the deer. Not long after that, Kai barges into the room, while Louis is scolding Zoe for not knowing the script. 1 Main Relationships 1.1 Legoshi 1.2 Haru 1.3 Juno 1.4 Ogma 1.5 Ibuki 1.6 Free 2 Other Relationships 2.1 Shishigumi 2.2 Azuki Louis and Legoshi met at the school's drama club, the latter being a year younger than the red deer. (Legosi mentions searching for Louis within the past two months, with no success.) Louis and Legosi start a new blood transfusion. Fucking fantastic. Lougosi is the slash ship between Louis and Legosi from the Beastars fandom. Louis, overwhelmed by the possibility of Legosi dying and his helplessness in preventing it, begins to cry uncontrollably, the first time he has cried in his life. He tells Legosi to smile for him, and says to himself that "his (Legosi's) fangs are what finally broke my curse". Bill leaves the stage, and Louis offers Legosi his hand, helping him up as Legosi looks towards him in admiration. ", In the last panel of Chapter 77, the narration for Louis and Legosi's hug state that "even with their environments changed, they never lost their trust in each other. feel free to … Louis does not blush during his kiss with Juno and during his date with her in Chapter 194. Legosi refuses, grabbing Louis in a headlock. When the wolf heads towards the door, Louis stops him by grabbing his tail. Louis understands why. Louis meets Legosi in the black market in Chapter 158. In an omake surrounding Chapter 76, Itagaki makes a joke about Louis and Legoshi kissing/being intimate. When Oguma asks Louis whether he likes women in chapter 157, Louis does not answer. mostly because of the play scene. The music is/is a rendition of "Beastars classical OST" by Satoru Kosaki. Legosi stopped, laying his hand flat and wiping the surface with it, pushing Louis… Lougoshi, LegoLoui This occurs in Chapter 88, when Louis laughs at Legosi's cross dressing. Mizuchi hears clearly. The omake shows two girls talking to each other. In Chapter 66, Legosi accidentally meets Louis in the middle of the Black Market on his way to meet Gouhin. His words are "Because their bodies are strong, they have a profound sense of comaraderie. Legosi corners Bill in the bathroom after smelling something suspicious in his coat. Slash Legosi enters the office to discuss lighting changes for the play. After Bill replaces Louis as Adler in the school play, Legosi is given Bill's original role as an antagonist who attacks the hero. Lougosi Legosi tells him, seriously, that he plans to fight Riz. By Chapter 95, Louis has caught up to Legosi at the bridge where he is fighting Riz and has pulled him aside from the fight. CANON Legosi tells Louis he is concerned the Shishigumi will corrupt him. Character Louis offers his hand out to Legosi, telling them they can win the war together, and Legosi has a flashback to when Louis offered his hand to Legosi playing Reaper on stage. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و However, it is an interesting comparison because Riz's feelings toward Tem were heavily hinted to be romantic. Baby Legosi and Louis. Ironcastle 2020-01-07 19:36:32. Louis gets dragged off the podium by security, as riots break out across the city. kepp it up! • Odd Friendship• Not So Different• Unresolved Sexual Tension• Held Gaze• Ship Tease• Will They or Won't They?• Can't Live with Them Can't Live Without Them — in Louis's case.MOMENTS• Held Gaze• Holding Hands — the play scene.• The Glomp• Hug and Comment — Legosi hugs Louis saying that he's glad Louis is alive, embarrassing him with it.• You Are Not Alone. Louis is often able to maintain a certain level of control in a situation. Beastars — Episode 9 Watch on Netflix: Synopsis [Ep. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. As Legosi chases after Louis, talking about the prospect of him and Louis becoming Beastars together. subscribe if u want...--------Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for \"fair use\" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. IT SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. Legosi tells Louis to get out of the way for his own safety, and let him try to save Melon. Life at Cherryton returned to its normal semi-hectic days, and you made sure to equally spend time with both Legosi and Louis. This is a continuation of We're Only Animals: Book 1, which began an AU where instead of attacking Haru at the beginning, Legosi attacked Louis, drastically altering the events of Beastars. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Legosi, looking at Louis, has his "usual thought" (according to Legosi), "why are herbivores such beautiful life forms?" poisonarrow44 2020-06-16 11:28:31. Louis takes outs snacks and asks Legosi what he wants to eat: fruit jelly, Louis, or the castella? Close. Do you like? Riz is astonished, and gives up on the duel as Legosi and Louis has proven the existence of genuine carnivore-herbivore relationships. As of Chapter 194, Louis is the only character other than Jack who knows Legoshi's grandfather. Bill is revealed to have a vial of illegal rabbit's blood. Louis invites Legosi to dinner with the Shishigumi, testing Legosi on whether he'll eat meat. Gosha laughs at the two and says how Louis is such a good friend. Louis is very touchy feely with Legosi but some friends are like that, so 1 and especially 2 are what makes it plausible to me. Riz says in the scene, "it's the only feelings for him (Tem) are much stronger than your feelings for Louis-Senpai. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.This video's purpose is to entertain.#BEASTARS#netflixbeastars#compilation anime legosi deer fanart louis manga wolf beastars. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. Louis asks Legoshi if he wants to laugh, cry, or strike a pose in celebration. In that scene we find out that Louis is Legosi's senpai - he's one year older than him - and that Legosi has a lot of respect towards him, already kind of admires him. **THIS VIDEO IS INTENDED TO BE A JOKE. Louis enters the stage as Adler and breaks up the fight, declaring Bill an imposter. Legosi and Louis. In Chapter 175, Louis' thoughts flashback to him donating blood under Legosi's request (for the hybrid blood torch intended to defeat melon). This awesome art was made by our artist Goltten. Share. Legosi takes his amusement as a yes and quickly leaves the bar before Louis can protest. Louis' inner dialogue reveals his heartbreak, that "within the depths of (his) heart, (he) solemnly believed, even now, that he was different from the others; a carnivore with a good conscience.". Legosi: How Pina has been dropping such obvious hints that he’s into Bill and yet he’s completely oblivious.. Louis, wearing a … Go to cart. Later, in Episode 9, Legosi sees Louis laying flowers on Tem's grave. You should watch it, it's really good. "The moon is beautiful" (tsuki ga kirei desu ne) is a euphemism for "I love you" in Japan. As of Chapter 194, Louis is the only character in the series who knows about Legosi's dreams of becoming an insectarium keeper (according to Legosi, Chapter 158). In Chapter 75, the Shishigumi accuse Legosi if spying on them. In Chapter 91, Louis realizes his carnivore fetish in the car with Ibuki, but states that he thinks it all began with Legoshi. I like carnivores. Legosi also tells Louis about his dream to be an insectarium keeper, which angers Louis as he feels Legosi is not taking the situation seriously. A doctor?” Legosi: “N-no” Louis: “Legosi, you’re a man, don’t forget it” Legosi: “I know” Luois took Legosi by his tie Louis: “You really know?” Legosi: “What are you doing?” Louis pulled Legosi closer and insert his hand in his mouth They are interrupted by the tower's elevator breaking - Louis and Legosi fall on top of each other, and Louis discovers that his old friends who he was imprisoned with as a child, are still alive. Louis' eyes get misty as Legosi tells him that he has the capability to change the world. As of Chapter 194 Legosi is the only character in the series who has made Louis laugh on-screen, and is also the first and only character to see him cry. Legoshi ends up slapping too hard and Louis ends up teary-eyed in pain (illustrated comically). SWSH Thumbprint charms $ 8.00. Louis shoots the boss of the Shishigumi. Louis is a red deer with a slim build, and his face is fair with handsome features. Louis and Legoshi has appeared alongside each other in more promotional artwork than any two characters (Legoshi and Haru included). Legosi and Louis. Louis calls the Shishigumi that night, demanding they comfort him for the whole night, much to their amusement. He watches as you hand him a plate with an absolutely tiny morsel of food. Legosi and Louis Crane Game Charm. She made a fanart of these two characters from the Bestars series to the Disney style. Louis bitterly takes on Legosi. After that Legosi says he'll leave too, yet Louis stops him, telling him he can stay here. Louis and Legosi are so gay for eachother in Beastars and it's wack that they haven't interacted for 21 chapters now! Can't Live with Them Can't Live Without Them, In Chapter 114, Legosi realizes his herbivore fetish when admiring Louis. His words are "I look at his face and get the usual thought. Legosi also admits Pina (a male herbivore) to be attractive in chapter 66. i made this channel just to do funny vids like this. ", Louis does not answer, and only answers "that's quite the change in subject. Drew the Legosi and Louis last night. It is also the most written ship in the ビースターズ | BEASTARS tag, having around double the amount of works as LegoHaru. Legosi tells Louis that they have both changed: Louis is crippled, and Legosi is an ex-convict that had to drop out of school. So I've read "BEASTARS"... And I loved it! Legosi: It’s so frustrating.. Louis: What is?.