Priya Arun is an actress in the Marathi language film industry of India. Use this free dictionary to get the definition of friend in Marathi … Customer Services No. He said that he disliked his name and thought that everyone including his wife calling him ‘Bhau’ (meaning brother in Marathi) was embarrassing. 1,254. English words for ಪ್ರಿಯ include dear, loving, lover, fair-haired, sweetheart, dearie, deary and phil. अगर आप प्रियंका नाम का मतलब, अर्थ, राशिफल के साथ प्रियंका नाम की राशि क्या है जानना चाहते हैं, तो यहाँ Priyanka naam ka meaning, matlab, arth in hindi के साथ Priyanka naam ki … झेंडा आमुचा प्रिया देशाचा Zenda Amucha Priya Deshacha Lyrics | Marathi Desh Bhaktigeete. Baby name meanings, origin and religion. Saptpadi chalet Nabhtuni Me sajte tuzyach Lochnaat re. Famous People with Name Priya / प्रिया नावाचे प्रसिद्ध लोक : 1) Priya Arun : She is an actress in the Marathi language film industry. It is a name derived from the Sanskrit word 'Priyankera' or 'Priyankara' meaning, someone or something that is amiable; lovable, or makes you happy. Priya a very common name found throughout Italy, India and some other cities in Asia and Europe. Vadal zelate Meach suvasini Swami labhto Asa Yugatuni . Priya is a brahmin and a pure vegetarian, while her hubby Umesh loves nonvegetarian food. Priyanka is a popular female given name in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. 3) Priya Raman : She is a Malayalam actress and film producer. Pan janmale aadhi Tuzya manaat re Me tar “Swamini” Tuzi priya re. Find more Kannada words at! 2) Priya Badlani : She is an Indian actress and a former model. +91 98220 47249 / 020 24441001 Search. Om Jai Sai Ram! January 9, 2016 Leave a Comment. Acoording to vedic astrology , Rashi for the name Priya is Kanya and Moon sign associated with the name Priya is Virgo.. One must have firm faith in his sadguru . By fully surrendering one's mind,body and actions to the Sadguru ,one can sail smoothly in the ocean called samsara (life), which is full of tornadoes and hurricanes and … The name Priya has Earth element.Mercury is the Ruling Planet for the name Priya.The name Priya having moon sign as Virgo is represented by The Virgin and considered as Mutable .. Vipriya means something in Hinduism, Sanskrit, Marathi. Normally, people with the name Priya listen to their heart rather than using their brain. Add your comment or reference to a book if you want to contribute to this summary article. Priya is a Kannada film is directed S.P.Muthuraman. Varle priya re Janm vahilyane Ghadle priya re . Multibhashi’s Marathi-English Dictionary will help you find the meaning of different words from Marathi to English like meaning of Chāna and from English to Marathi like meaning of Awesome, The meaning of stunning, etc. Rajas roop he Galyat malale Kunku kovale Bhali lavle. Priya Bathija is an Indian actress. Cart 0 item item(s) (empty) - Rs.0 Om Shree Swami Samarh ! Priya Badlani is an Indian actress of Gujarati ancestry. If you want to know the exact meaning, history, etymology or English translation of this term then check out the descriptions on this page. Shankhnaad ho jivani Pakhdale prem angani Suray pujate me Sakha