This thread is archived. Borders were important when we made our decisions. The idea of these separate countries with absolute sovereignty over territory is an idea that's waning at the moment. It makes me wonder why borders exist. Some HTML allowed:
, Have a response on your own site? The question is whether they should have this right, and, if so, on what basis. Achieving the dual goal of internal control and external defence is quite a conundum, particularly given that the resources an owner is trying to control includes people. It protects some sort of privileges that have accrued in a particular place—whether that's control of the resources, wealth, or a set of cultural or political practices in that place—and it excludes other people from the ability to have access to it. Most of us know what some of that violence looks like: military guards at the border, or migrants killed or injured by negligent or abusive smugglers. Borders are a form of global apartheid. The definition of "threat" is extremely varied from one state to another and can include a range of considerations including national security (suspected terrorism), economics (poverty, poor health, lack of education), and values/culture (incompatible language skills, or religious / political affiliation). But mobility without borders is already a reality, the European Union being a prime example. People are talking about the problems with borders. I would read that to say, "We are going to kill some people who try to cross the border by making it really dangerous to cross, with the hope that will convince other people not to make this dangerous trip." It's bad for workers in the US and Europe as well because the jobs they used to have that had been protected by labor unions, had pensions, had healthcare, had relatively high wages—those jobs have disappeared as manufacturing jobs have moved abroad. My own experience in the business world, formerly based in Portland, Oregon with a manager in the UK and part of our software engineering team in the Middle East, borders seem to be an anachronism of past centuries. This video is unavailable. Student uses lockdown to build backyard roller coaster. - aluminum 8 x 8. We should have borders because if borders didn’t exist then many people would come in and bring diseases. So it's seeing the same problem but suggesting the exact opposite solution. The least worst configuration is for the UK as a whole to opt to stay within a customs union with the EU and if not the entire UK, then Northern Ireland as a region, remaining in the single market. Arthur Chrenkoff. Why do Kazakhstans borders exist? -Why do borders exist anyways? How is it that we've become so invested in a world defined by borders? Why Do Borders Exist? Published. Available in copper and aluminum. It makes me wonder. President Trump threatens to defund Calif. schools And indeed that's the strategy of the border patrol: Their documents talk about making it harder to cross the border in order to deter people from crossing. Sometimes they look arbitrary—history does not usually produce straight lines. Border Force is a law enforcement command within the Home Office. A favoured solutions seems to be for the governing body of a given territory to guarantee protection to people within their territory in exchange for the people's allegiance to their rule. Asked by Wiki User. … (Note: Social Contract Theory offers a ton of insight on why humans would even consider such a trade and how it actually should be structured.... but I won't be going down that road for now at least.). The current system is what we term "globalization," but globalization is really only for capital. Why do borders exist and why do you think they might change? 4:53 PM. For me, it's going to change upward. And the people who were even able to apply for those visas were [often] the elite. Sources: College head coach quits after opening game. How similar our situation in New Mexico and Texas is to here? I also noticed this really troubling trend of the dramatic increase of the number of people dying at borders. This oft-heard claim is false. Countries have the right to restrict immigration, at least in theory. Border guards are the most obvious iteration of that, but the whole legal system is based on the same sort of logic of implied violence. Drawing a line - real or imagine - around yourself and everything you own establishes your rule over the targeted resources. We're going to have some sort of a system that can address a lot of these global issues that have emerged. That's why the EU has abolished border controls between member states (a good start). Primarily, a system of borders is a system for controlling resources, it's a system for controlling people, and it's particularly a system for excluding other people from access to those resources. This article is more than 4 years old. I think borders exist to help protect us and animals. By yagami December 12, 2011 163 Comments. 2 April 2018. ? How is it that we've become so invested in a world defined by borders? No ocean borders the Soviet Union to the north, as the Soviet Union no longer exists. If movement is to be dictated by market forces - really the desire of companies to hire talent no matter where the talent originates - then the movement of people will be set in motion by companies but still controlled by states.... how do we move away from this? Borders restrict the free flow of people, goods and ideas, confining small nations with relatively fewer resources or markets while benefiting large countries with access to greater pools of capital, ideas, and buyers. The human species is a dumb one. This idea may seem like a naïve utopia. Is that one way to look at the uproar against Trump's travel ban? Question is, does this system really work for us as citizens of a globalised world? In late antiquity, a popular subject for pre-Christian devotion in the Balkans showed a rider on a horse, which was often rearing up on its hind legs, sometimes spearing an animal, or sometimes beside a tree around which a snake curled itself. It stops them because we live in world where papers matter. Political borders demarcate the limits of your authority and the people who you recognize as subjects. That system really comes into being in the late 1600s in Europe and is spread around the world through colonialism. National borders exist to pen poor people into reservations of poverty. Most of us would say we're from some country. But what we could easily do without is the concept of national borders -- at least as far as they limit the mobility of people. Donald Trump and other immigration restrictions argue that we must restrict migration because a nation cannot exist without borders. Why do borders exist? Why borders exist – and matter. But for years, Borders acted like it wasn’t, culminating in the announcement this week that it would liquidate its remaining 399 stores. Maritime borders exist in the context of territorial waters, contiguous zones, and exclusive economic zones; however, the terminology does not encompass lake or river boundaries, which are considered within the context of land boundaries. I think the change because of empires taking over, wars and stuff like that. The Indian border security force is notorious for killing people at its edges: More than a thousand Bangladeshis have been killed by the India's border security force in the past 15 years. Why is Trump trying to stop China sending stuff through America's borders? The border between Europe and Asia as it exists today was first defined by Philip Johan Von Strahlenberg, an explorer and a Swedish Army officer. Sunday, February 12, 2012 at 8:11PM. I'm not bothered about the 60 million by 60 million limitation X to Z, but I do wish the glitches involving the farlands were patched, if they are impossible to fix due to technical reasons, then we should at least have the option to set a smaller world border or barrier, which doesn't currently exist in bedrock edition for worlds set to "infinite". ELI5: Why do borders (between countries) still exist? In my field, high technology, many people define themselves as 'libertarians' (not the fruit-loops type as Ron Paul) who idealize a world where individual movement is dictated by market forces, a world where (e.g.) His border followed the chains of the Ural Mountains; Emba River to the north coast of the Caspian Sea, and the Kuma-Manych Depression which exists on the Black Sea. Why is everyone so anxious about the possibility of a border between Northern Ireland and Ireland? However, a border is only valid as long as the one defining it can maintain his or her internal position as owner while keeping the territory secure from outside incursions. It's really a new and somewhat radical experiment for thinking about the relationship between people and land. So in a lot of ways they are the real activists who are questioning and raising concern about the system of using borders to protect privileges and perpetuate inequality. Most of us would say we're from some country. The narrative seems to have assembled itself from various sources. share. There are people providing sanctuary for people who don't have documents. When President Donald Trump announced a restriction on travel from Europe in a mid-March Oval Office address, European Union officials erupted in outrage. I think you see that happening. "Countries" - Why they do not exist, and why they shouldn't. Why Businesses Exist. The peculiar thing is, I still do not really believe borders need exist, or that they do, in the ways they pretend, or that they will stand for many more decades. They may even make the calculation that the local economy - with its finite number of jobs - cannot support significant growth in population and all that this entails. handmade art for your table top, framing, window sill, inspiration... (easel is not included) thin embossed metal wrapped around a thin wood panel. So the poor of these countries were already [effectively] banned from coming to the US. 8 x 8 inches. The picture is from Bellevue di Monaco, this is the NGO whom I will be working for the next week. Most businesses exist in order to earn a return for the business owners, and the potential for profit is a key motive for entrepreneurial activity. Arthur Chrenkoff. What would a world without borders look like? It is important to have a border where Mikumi is because otherwise all the animals could get out and start eating the villager's food. Share This. It can also help people see where they are going in to a different Country. Sources: College head coach quits after opening game. It seems to me that a big part of the answer to this is that governments feel it's politically risky to be perceived as giving up jobs to people coming in from the outside rather than "hiring locally". I’m upset because if I want to go somewhere my parents can’t come. I’m actually not sure why it matters. It's not by chance that the system of borders that we have today emerges as cartography advances the ability of people to depict the world at a very large scale, because then it becomes possible to draw lines on maps and to then use those lines to make claims of control over territory. What's that got to do with the rise of populist types in the West like Trump? My suggestion would be to open up movement for people and allow labor to move freely around the world, which would stabilize wages and would remove the incentives for companies to move jobs to other places. In some ways, Trump's political moment is a reaction against this exact problem. It's been looking for some time now like Donald Trump's most notorious policy will make it all the way the US Supreme Court. Giles Fraser. As Europe colonizes the rest of the world they change the political systems there to match their system of borders, territory, and sovereignty. But borders are also an example of structural violence, of using a system of laws and regulations that deprive other people of opportunities through the imposition of borders. During arguments in federal appeals court last week, a lawyer representing Hawaii argued that Donald Trump's travel ban for people from certain Muslim-majority countries was simply beyond the pale. My hope is that now people have been awoken to the exclusion that happens at borders that they will start to question more of the restrictions that happen in these places. Author(s): Houtum, H.J. Maritime borders exist in the context of territorial waters, contiguous zones, and exclusive economic zones; ... Border conflicts or the potential of such are the reason why many borders feature fortifications and zoneing like no man's lands, demilitarized zones, demarcation lines and buffer zones. If you look at the data from the 1980s or 1990s, we're talking about maybe a few hundred deaths per year at borders globally. Other. There's obviously direct violence carried out by border guards, where they kill people trying to pass through border spaces. We tend to think of borders as if they are these natural things that have always existed. There are millions of people on the move right now who are contained by these rules of citizenship, by borders and walls and the security apparatus, but nevertheless are ignoring it and deciding to go ahead and move anyway, using their feet to protest the unjust system of immigration control that we have. Driven by data. When a state joins the UN, they have to agree to respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all the other member states: It essentially forces all countries to respect each other's borders. Studying border changes is not just an academic exercise. - aluminum 8 x 8. In example if they didn’t like the people’s laws in one Country they could see where the … Add to Calendar 12-10-2016 19:30 12-10-2016 21:30 Europe/London SWP Branch Meeting: Why do borders exist under capitalism? ? "They usually create more … It's bad for workers on both ends of it: Workers in other places are trapped where they are, have no other option but to take a really low wage job with often really poor conditions. The question is whether they should have this right, and, if so, on what basis. A 21st century global marketplace versus 19th century ideas of the nation-state. It is important to have borders otherwise everyone would all be mixed up together. National borders exist to pen poor people into reservations of poverty. Travellers who hold EU passports can’t cross the UK border without having their passport or identity checked, and the same applies for travellers from non-EU countries. Advert. ... No ocean borders the Soviet Union to the north, as the Soviet Union no longer exists. By Tarek Osman (@TarekmOsman) Presenter: The Making of the Modern Arab World. Today, there's almost 70 of them. He's trying to close borders to trade and put limits on the ability of corporations to move across borders. Title: Why do borders exist? There are a few thousands of exiles in various countries because of the war many want to forget, There are 57,000+ who died whose family and friends cannot and will not forget. This article is more than 4 years old. Why does that stop them? Many of them like to describe the continuation of the nation-state as rooted in tribalism, and our acceptance that nation-states have the right to violence. I just don't get how and why borders between countries developed. Why do boundaries exist? These systems are always changing. The first is the construction of border infrastructure, the deployment of a lot more agents at borders, the construction of walls at borders—the spending of a lot more money on borders.