Set up the PhytoTank Chaeto reactor by installing a small pump in your sump (do not exceed 250 g/hr) that will pump water from your system, through the reactor and then back into your sump. For phosphate, nitrate, algae, purigen, carbon med. This is a much less powerful lighting solution. The item may be missing the original packaging or protective wrapping, or may be in the original packaging but not sealed. Ultimately, you should get a sump and set up a refugium to maintain stability in a reef tank. ALR 1 Algae Light Reactor - Cheato. Dimensions: 310 x 190 x H490 (mm) Reactor Body Diameter: 80 mm Pump: Skimz QE0.8 Total Watts: 18W Madia Capacity: 400ml Biopellet For Aquarium: up to 400L £74.98. This tall, 22.5 gallon aquarium is located next to Alfredoo’s main tank and the tall dimensions of this vessel is ideally suited to create a living wheel of Chaetomorpha.In order to guarantee even and predictable motion of the Chaeto, this scrubber design includes a spinning platform or cradle which rests on two hinges, each located on opposite walls of the tank. Skimz BR86 Biopellet Reactor is a hang-on model which has a reactor chamber diameter of 80mm and is ideal for aquariums up to 400 litres. Tweets by @h2oaquatics. While it’s possible to grow small amounts of chaetomorpha in a refugium, a dedicated macroalgae reactor goes beyond the humble refugium to create a supercharged macroalgae growing machine.… Havent tested phosphates yet but will once my test kit arrives. The spectrum of this light is ideal for growing chaeto, just like the H380 but don’t expect it to be able to keep up with the H380. Accidentally ran across this stuff that grows Chaeto like crazy! This light is very similar to the Kessil H380, just in a less powerful and more compact form factor. An aquarium algae reactor package usually includes: algae reactor, feed pump, led … Had a slight leak On it about 6 months ago when I dropped it brand new. It contains all the Clean Chaeto Great Home for Copepods and Amphipods! Chaeto Ball Refugium Starter Chaetomorpha is a very popular dense wiry macroalgae, it is fast growing and very desirable for sumps and refugiums for nitrate and phosphate removal. It specially suited to algae reactors, where large masses can be kept with minimal packing due to its rigid structure. Toggle navigation ... Chaeto Macroalgae-15 grams $14.99. It is easy to grow but hard to attach to rock work preferring to free float and find its own attachment site. 2. £59.98. is a favored macroalgae for planted refugia, not just because it does most of these jobs quite well but also because it is very easily cultivated; that is, so long as extremely strong full-spectrum lighting is used. Once you harvest the macro algae, the nutrients are then removed from your system. Market. Never leaked since always stood outside my sump in the cabinet. Natural Filtration. I have a Sicce Micra plus in the bottom of chamber 1 and I have it emptying into the return chamber. The chaeto reactor is periodically pruned, removing the nutrients. While there’s nothing wrong with using a refugium, obviously, in my opinion the chaeto reactor is … Energy consumption with pump: approx. With the high-output LED lights being as close to the macro algae as possible and illuminating the grow-out chamber 360 degrees, we have found the chaeto to grow impressively fast. If you have a power outage, the water level in the reactor would only go to the level of the water in the tank. 20 ppm is ok for softies. From United Kingdom. This algae reactor can simply sit beneath your aquarium like a canister filter, or you can hang it on the side of your tank or sump. PhytoTank Macroalgae Reactor $ 99. Get the best deals for clean chaeto at Macro Algae Reactor 3181 For aquariums from 100 to 600 liters (25 - 160 USgal.). 5. D-D Media Reactor FMR75. If run on a reverse daylight schedule, an algae reactor will also raise aquarium pH. 99. So right now, I have a TLF Phosban 150 that I made into a chaeto reactor on my IM Peninsula Drop off. 99. Growing chaeto macroalgae in a PhytoTank is a natural and effective way to remove phosphate and nitrate. I added the reactor shortly after and after a week its down to 0. Buy It Now +$26.14 shipping. TMC Reef Filter Nano 100. Chaeto algae (Chaetomorpha linum) is a hardy green algae commonly used in saltwater refugia & algae scrubbers. 1. check your test kit accuracy against that of another. Chaeto Grow is importantly Nitrate and phosphate free multi-nutrient supplement for the growth of chaetomorpha.Basis Chaeto GrowThe Continuum advantage. Any advice would be much appreciated. PhytoTank-L Kit (3.5 Liter Capacity) $ 124. However, for the sake of transparency, our systems leverage a different tool. Chaeto for sale. Category. Chaeto is growing like mad! with this reactor you can be sure to get the correct PUR rating that macro algae require without taking all the room up in your sump for a traditional Refugium. The item may be a factory second (i.e. Flow rate: 500 - 1,200 l/h (132 - 318 USgal.) Both the lagoon and reactor use 1/2in tubing so I want to connect the reactor off the return pump. Featured Products Details. Growing chaeto macroalgae in a PhytoTank is a natural and effective way to remove phosphate and nitrate. 4. rinse your food in water (RO is fine) before you feed as the liquid it's frozen in is all crap. Find the best Prices for Chaeto macro algae and maintain water quality for your fish and corals. Messages 1,113 Reaction score 6. Sealed it with a reef safe silicone. 422 sold. Useful Bits & Pieces Water Pumps. TMC REEF-Filter Bio 500. Set up the PhytoTank Chaeto reactor by installing a small pump in your sump (do not exceed 250 g/hr) that will pump water from your system, through the reactor and then back into your sump. Search. The Reef Octopus Light Reactor is a natural filter which utilizes macroalgae like Chaetomorpha to absorb and remove algae-producing nutrients from your aquarium's water. Sea Lettuce. Macroalgae reactors are built with the sole purpose of growing chaetomorpha algae. Algae Reactors are ideal for hobbyists who do not have space for a traditional refugium and with high powered led lights and good flow can be a great way to reduce algae in the aquarium. Tilted as the fastest growing macroalgae, Sea lettuce (Ulva lactuca) is an alternate option to Chaeto. $78.35. Best place to buy clean Chaeto or buy Chaetomorpha with Free Shipping. £74.99 ... Test Kits & Controllers. I upgraded the pump to a sicce 1.5 so i think it should be enough for the tank and the reactor. Like most other green algae, chaeto … £60.82. Phosban Reactor 150. New other (see details): An item in excellent, new condition with no wear. it has a small flaw that does not affect the operation of the item such as a scratch or dent). I am making custom made Chaeto Algae Reactors.The one in the picture is 6 inch diameter and 60cm tall,apart from the diameter you can have it as tall as you desire.Please message me for a quote. Algae Reactors provide a perfect environment for your macro and micro algae to grow, helping reduce nutrients in your aquarium including Nitrates and Phosphates. £54.99 Free Shipping . N18 Reactor stays with the theme of simplicity. Starting the chaeto algae colony is relatively easy, and due to its growing chamber design, is equally as easy to maintain. So as the title says Im looking into adding a chaeto reactor out of an old TLF phosban 150 reactor. 20 W Measurements of the reactor (L x W x H): 233 x 195 x 422 mm (9.2" x 7.7" x 16.6") With Comline … QTY. This goes without saying, refugium tanks are really cool and serve a distinct purpose in reef keeping. Place the Clean Chaeto (starter algae) into your reactor, and seal the lid. It could be used on smaller tanks or tanks without refugiums. The item may include original accessories. Brand New. 99. Details. Chaeto (Chaetomorpha spp.) It serves the same purpose to eliminate nutrients in the water. Reviews. Get your REEFTEEZ shirts here Get Chaeto to set up and start your chaeto reactor with our super clean macro algae. Fauna Marin Skim Breeze Reactor. The Chaetomorpha or often just called Chaeto macro algae species is a perfect nutrients export marine algae Often placed in the sump/refugium it is a non-invasive and fast growing algae which is very easy to care for It is used mostly in reef refugiums to consume eleviated nitrates and phosphates