Casting this as much as possible makes sure that they remain in their frozen state as much as possible. Hi =] I’m Wink from the Aibatt cluster and I currently have the ‘Low STA’ (40 STA) Ranger Build. You’ll love when the odds are favoring you and you’re able to combo a pulling+counter. Triple Shot: This skill is essentially useless, because it’s attack is lower then the average of poison arrow. This is my AoEing bar. Crossline F2. The plug will give and extra 60 defense rating! In the end, you will determine how you want to play your character =). This is the build a lot of people go with, especially if they are new and don’t have the funds to keep up with their Refresher Bills. The build I’m going with now, however, is, in my opinion, more effective, although I have to admit it requires a bit of money to attempt amongst a few other advantages some players unfortunately don’t have =(.. I used it after every fight, I ran everywhere as much as possible and used it when I was shopping around the user shops in SM. If you still want to, go for it! DEXTERITY: – This is a Bow users Damage Dealing stat. Higher STA (100+) is generally recommended as variations of this build with low STA tend to be expensive and risky. Ask and share your builds here! Recommended Skills: Perfect block over level 15. level 5 Fire and Ice arrow. I have my JA at level 19 (about 10% away from mastered) and my DI, FW, PB are all around level 12. I can get up to around 60% or more attack speed with Fast Shot (adds 5% speed per level up to 50% at level 10) so no regrets for not being BJ, except loss of critical rate- which is minor in the long run for me). You can AoE fairly well for a few levels but after spider/cranes you will need an assist to help you take more mobs and to AoE well enough. These two skills pretty much go hand in hand as silent shot gains more power if you use it in Dark Illusion. #22 Psycheeper Build UP #21 Jester Build Up FlyFF #20 Shield Knight FlyFF #19 Ring Master Build Up FlyFF #18 Elementor Build UP FlyFF #17 Ranger Build up FlyFF #16 best Build Billposter FlyFF #15 Best Blade Build Up in FlyFF #14: FREE WebHost #13: Philippine Cellular Prefix #12: Call of Duty: Ghost #11: Omet the Swiming Pool Dancer Dash. – Mighteers would be a great help, if you can get at least one, go for it. 235 Attack Speed: Fast 2-Handed Equipment Add HP Rate +15% Critical Rate +20%, Oska & Okas Set Defence Rate +50 Hit Rate +15% Add HP Rate +15%, Historic Bow Attack Rate: 251 – 253 Attack Speed: Fast 2-Handed Equipment DEX +10 STA +4, Asren & Aren Set Defence Rate +50 STR +7 Critical Rate +12%, Angels Bow Attack Rate: 278 – 280 Attack Speed: Fast 2-Handed Equipment Add HP Rate +20% Hit Rate +20%, Tyrent & Tight Defence Rate +48 Add HP Rate +15% Reflect Damage +10%, Ranerz & Raze Defense +15%, Distance Atk Block +15%, Short Atk Block +15%, HP +15%, Legendary Golden Bow Attack Rate: 292 – 294 Attack Speed: Fast 2-Handed Equipment Additional Damage of Critical Hits +40% Attack Speed +10%, Bloody Bow Attack Rate: 307~309 Attack Speed: Fast 2-Handed Equipment +40% Additional damage to crits +10% Attack speed +20% MP rate. This build should only be used if you are going for the Full DEX Ranger build or intend to go Full DEX Bow Jester. Standard Build. A lot of people say, stop Junk Arrow and level with auto shot as it does do more damage in the long run. Anyhow, I have a level 84 ranger on the mushpoie server (Yes, highest I think! A whole +1 per level >< But it is better than nothing. Pfft. Battling The Venel Guardian Rupim tells you to kill Guardian Venel. If my partner tanker can’t tank the giant properly crossline can stun-lock the giant while the partner damages it unpreocuppied. I used to go with ‘High Sta’ Build, except that I continued adding STA every level but was unhappy with the damage, so I restatted at level 77. by Secret 5 Replies 531 Views Innocent Last Posts on Sat Jun 12, 2010 4:23 pm . This section will be splitted up in different posts. Die pets :0. Another neat thing about the poison is that it’s not affected by skill reduction, and can be slightly stronger with a higher attack rate. (Well... you can Fs if you want too xD) Ringmaster can and will be killing machines if done right. Perfect Block. Slepint & Stinger Set Defence +36 Dex +3 Add FP +10% Add MP +10% Critical Hits +10%, Bow of Accuracy 2-Handed Equipment Attack Rate: 62-64 Attack Speed: Fast Dex +2 Hit Rate +10%, Layered & Miragle Set Defence Rate +50 Add HP +10% FP Consumption -15% MP Consumption -15% Attack Speed +10%, Bow of Spirit 2-Handed Equipment Attack Rate: 102-104 Attack Speed: Fast Dex +3 Attribute Attack Rate +2, Cruiser & Hyper Set Defence Rate +55 Bow AP +10% Yoyo AP +11% FP Consumption -20% MP Consumption -20% Deathblow Damage +40%, Flaming Bow 2-Handed Equipment Attack Rate: 152-154 Attack Speed: Fast Deathblow Damage +20% Critical Hits +3%, Rebron & Restron Set Defence Rate +48 STR +10 Hit Rate +15%, Guardian Bow Attack Rate: 233 ? You can keep going with Junk Arrow, but I do suggest that after you have maxed a skill to either reskill it into another and continue to fight with junk arrow, or start leveling another skill such as Aimed Shot or Auto Shot or Arrow Rain if you are going to go AoE ranger once you hit level 60. Although STR does add a small amount of base attack, it doesn’t compare to the increase you get from a point in DEX. Just remember Auto Shot has a cool down which means its cannot go into the Action Slot. IV. Cool-down 3 seconds. Any shortcut button, new window opened or f# you press will cancel the skill. If you get nervous and press it many times you’ll end up unarmed and the enemy unstunned. DEX: 102 INT: 15. So level up to 18, cause then we have to train FastWalker! You can start adding points to STA anytime you want after that. 2. Arrow Rain at level 10. STA: 15 DEX: 43 Recommended Fighting Tactic: 2 Bars Charged Shot or Junk Arrow Recommended Equipment: Sleepint/Stinger Set +5, Bow of Accuracy +3, Arek ring x 2, Mental Necklace. This also might slow down ones that didn’t get frozen the first time. If you can’t get spro’s or gpro’s, get at least you set/bow/yo-yo all +3, and your suit +4%. Have a go =), This is the level you get to do the Plug Earing quest! (unless your some crazy person who leveled it to 6 already @_@). It has my food and most attacking skills I’ll probably use, then my buffs on the other. Do all your Quest Office Quests at 80% (just makes it seem easier ^^) and just grind, grind, grind =) your on the home straight, goodluck! If you want to use yoyo skills in PvP, this stat will help with yoyo attack power. It’s a life saver if you get into a sticky situation. This is a one on one build for Knights designed for use with Two-Handed Swords. It’s slightly stronger then Poison Arrow’s original hit, but not by much. These were taken several hours apart so my Action Slot changes depending on what skill I’m trying to level. Pulling already level 4! I could, however, probably take out flame or ice arrow if I wanted fast shot, but I don’t PvP much, so this is mostly for GW, where I mostly focus on slowing/muting people. You will also need DEX, around 60-80 (UNBUFFED). Crossline is actually useful sometimes when giant hunting. Lets look at our good friends, Strength, Stamina, Dexterity and Intelligence. Without a Ringmaster, this build is very weak. Then I had electirc armor and +5 set, and I still could AoE the whole spawns up to about +4-5 my level. If you are going for the High DEX AoE Build at level 60, keep adding DEX until you have reached 100, and then put all your points into STA. Fire Arrow F8. So here’s your build: STR:15 STA:50-60 DEX:XXX INT:15. 2. Please use the links to quick jump to specific points on the guide. Note: At level 70 you can opt to swap Arrow rain with Piercing arrow, which when maxed, does roughly 200 more points of damage than Ice arrow. I. True, it does a few hundred more for the initial hit, but after that the bonuses aren’t really good; knockback is a joke. EQUIPS Paker Set+8 Of which the suit is +16% defense (4x pierced with mountain cards) And is also +6 water (for Pinky’s in mines) 2 guardian bows, 1+5, other +8+6water. The High DEX rating will increase you damage, blocking percentage and evasion. Junk arrow does look weak and poxy with all those 0?s flying off it, but as you level it, it will become deadly strong. FAST SHOT ATTACK SPEED INCREASE PER LEVEL,, Summoners War Optimal Def% and HP% Ratio Guide. By level 75, your gear should allow you to tank mobs well without dying, … With all of it on, my Attack Rate is about 1210 without any kind of buffs and my Defense Rate is about 650. Your email address will not be published. My HP is about 3350. Bar 2 is for when I’m AoE’ing. [F7] Use that refresher! Solo-lovers AoE Build I have heard this around the forums a bit. When i go pvp it get some changes, i usually take out food, AR, PB and fast shot to put Bow/Arrows, poison arrow and junk arrow. Ice and Fire Arrow are both at level 9 and Arrow Rain is around level 9 too. The cool downs suck but they do make it a lot more interesting than just pressing C and food =). Fire/Poison are just for having some fun against the [I Have a Potty Mouth] :U. Now that you know what you want to be, and you know how your build should be, you are now ready to become a good acrobat. This build is for Ringmasters who wish to do clockworks in order to make money, still nearly no ability to fight but can make a decent tank after level 120. =O), and a Mask would probably make things a little too easy =P, STR: 15 / 24 STA: 40 / 53 DEX: 142 / 173 INT: 15 / 24, = Dragon Cloak (STR +8, STA +8, DEX +8, INT +8, +100 HP), = Paykinic Helm +6 = Paykinic Suit +6 = Paykinic Gloves +6 = Paykinic Boots +6 (Electric +3, Max MP +20, Hit Rate +20%, Block Rate +6%, HP Rate +5%, Magic Power +6, All Stat +1), F1: Arrow Rain (Level 19: 1820 Damage 3x -> 5430 Damage) F2: Piercing Arrow (3020ish Damage) F3: Ice Arrow (2860 Damage) F4: Fire Arrow (No idea xD But the burn damage is ~350) F5: Star Candy F6: Fifth Refresher F7: Fast Walker (Level 19) F8: Perfect Block F9: Board, AoEing is pretty simple.. And even with Low STA (40), I dont’ find it much harder than AoEing with high STA (130). Welcome to the Flyff World. At that point I went into the Dekanes mines to kill Pinkys which started off going pretty slow (had a level 72 ranger with me and we teamed up on single Pinkys to get decent time) exp was great at that time Smile. "XXX" is commonly used in builds, and it means all stat points not already used should be spent on that stat. Also start off with a full charged bar and when you get criticaled and knocked back is also a good time to charge up your bar. Just leave the cursor over the counter-stun icon, wait for it to reach 0, and action slot. This self buff is casted and lasts for a little over a minute and is basically a reflective attack that damages her opponent with a % of what they damage her. See that wasn’t so bad? Need better jewelry but they are still expensive (but that’s changing fast). This stat also governs your attack speed, critical percentage, Hit rate, block and evasion rate. Male and Female in Level 59 NPC Ranger Armor. Its supposed to be Star Cady F2: Fast Shot F3: Dark Illusion F4: Fast Walker F5: 5th Refresher F6: Nature F7: Bow Mastery F8: Perfect Block F9: Action Slot Key, [2] This gets me to Bar2 [F8] Cast Perfect Block [F7] Cast Bow Mastery [F6] Cast Nature (for leveling purposes) [F5] only if MP is below 110 [F4] Cast Fast Walker to run fast, Press [1] to go to attacking screen Gather mobs Run ahead of the mob after you collected them for a bit, then…, [F6] Smash the button to cast Ice arrow as they are still coming towards you. INT gives about +2 damage per burn and supposedly more Burning Field time, but it only seems to burn 5 times total. AoE-Ranger Grundsätzlich solltet ihr schonmal eins wissen: der Ranger ist die einzige Klasse, die mit wenig bzw. At level 80 both stats should be level. Fast Shot Max at level 65. This build is specific for the knuckle Area of effect verison of a battle ringmaster, its quite hard to stay with after lvl 80 without a full support Ringmaster to help. Unfortunately I wasn’t lucky enough to find a Bow of Accuracy and my Stinger Suit at level 15. Rinse and repeat until pulling is level 2. Refreshers F6. Pulling F8. However, the initial hit is only slightly stronger then ice and flame and its total damage is less than Flame Arrow because of Burning Field damage. Weapons: For aoe, your wisest choice would be to go with your PvM weapon. Questions regarding your character's stats and skills distribution go here. Hope low level rangers find this build a little useful, as there are many other higher lvls around that are probably better, i just wanted to do something for the community. Then you’ll need as much attack as possible. Pick Up F3~F7. I try to keep my buffs on one side, and things I use while attacking on another. So its time for you to decide what route you want to go. I don’t recommend using this method as it is slower than Junk Arrow, but each to his own I suppose =). STA: 100 (max) DEX: 60 Recommended Skills: Perfect block over level 17 Max Fire and Ice arrow. You can allocate points during level up all on STA or divide them between STA and DEX until DEX gets to 40 or 50. When maxed, it has a 48% chance to poison for 17 seconds, with each hit of poison dealing 250 damage 6 times. Ranger, because at the 8x of a Bj it gets boring as hell(for me anyway).---~Brokenwing~ Flyff Characters 62 Blade(Mia) 63 Billposter(Aibat) 70 Ringmaster(Aibatt) 87 BowJester(Aibatt)All inactive.