We understand that our families are anxious to know what this school year is going to look like, and need this information for planning purposes. 1.2K likes. For emergencies, password resets, or software issues you can also reach our KASD Help Desk by phone at (920) 759-6115, please press 0 at the prompt. On Thursday, the Notre Dame Tritons finally got to open their season, and with a shutout win over Kaukauna. Read them here! The increased number of active cases and quarantined staff and students at Park Community Charter School has significantly impacted our ability to offer effective, in-person instruction. Other symptoms include congestion, sore throat, diarrhea, abdominal pain, body aches, and loss of taste or smell. Thank you for your attention to this information and for your continued support. If your student begins to experience symptoms, please consult a healthcare provider and notify the school office. We all share a strong desire to return to 5-day-per-week, in-person instruction at all schools as soon as possible. Wash your hands. The first days brought out some strong emotions and positive energy focused on making the school year work for all. With that said, an essential expectation that I need to restate: if someone in your household is getting tested for the virus, all school-aged children from the household must stay home until you know the results of the test. Post your Kaukauna High School school news here and give your fellow Galloping Ghosts something to read about! MaxPreps has a staff of writers and editors that have featured the Galloping Ghosts in 13 articles. I understand that, depending on your personal viewpoint, this brings about different responses. With MUCH respect, we remind you that Tyler Herro is 0-1 vs. Kaukauna. As a reminder, please have a family conversation and have a plan ready in the event of a classroom or school closure due to COVID-19. We believe that the use of face coverings is an essential piece of keeping our school buildings open. 4 Spartans and No. If your child has tested positive for COVID-19 and you have not already contacted KASD, please contact District Nurse Mary Sundelius at sundeliusm@kaukaunasd.org. KAUKAUNA (WLUK) --Kaukauna High School has just unveiled a $100,000 machine for its Technology Education Department. Posting your Kaukauna High School news is easy! If you’d like additional information about the work that our Reopening Task Force is doing, you can visit the KASD website: https://www.kaukauna.k12.wi.us/family/reopening-task-force.cfm. Enter the title for your article and all the details that explain what is happening. Kaukauna, WI Local News, Information Articles, Stories & Announcements. Kaukauna High is the only high school in the Kaukauna Area School District. First and foremost, I want to thank you for your understanding and patience during the development of the Kaukauna Area School District Stronger Together Reopening Plan. Please refrain from posting reunion information on this page. One of the most consistent themes I have heard recently has centered around how great it feels to be back in school; I couldn't agree more. We focus on creating diverse opportunities for both one- and two-way communication across a number of platforms to keep our families and community informed and to promote the special things going on within our District. (KCN) -- Because graduating ceremonies for area high school seniors have been pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are finding creative ways to celebrate their students' accomplishment. The Galloping Ghosts are making their 21st tournament appearance, which is the most of any member school. 8.5K likes. This afternoon, Governor Evers directed the Department of Health Services to issue a mandated school … Given the serious regional spread of the virus, each of us must take on a greater personal responsibility to follow recommended mitigation behaviors to give the Kaukauna Area School District a better chance of keeping our buildings open for staff and students. The website and pages within are regularly monitored and updated to provide an … High School Sports Xtra: Kaukauna stays undefeated in coach Matt Binsfeld’s reunion with Wrightstown ... forcing a shutdown of high school sports in early March. MaxPreps has a staff of writers and editors that have featured the Galloping Ghosts in 51 articles. For additional information on this program and our pickup locations, please visit the KASD website. Any students or families who need technical assistance during distance learning should work directly with your child(ren)’s teacher. We would prefer to utilize a deeper contact tracing measure as we do at the secondary level, however, our elementary students' ages and the proximity of students throughout the day prevent that action from being effective. We believe it is in the best interest of staff and students to make this transition. Take a look through our District News Archive to find some of the best stories from years past. Little Chute defeated Winneconne by a score of 21-14. We will continue to send communications to families via the Infinite Campus Messenger process as well. ... Coronavirus News High School Football: Little Chute vs Winneconne 11/19/20 In the final game of the 2020 high school football season, Little Chute took on Winneconne. I am not sharing this information to alarm you, but to help you be more aware and to be better prepared. If your student has an individualized education plan (IEP), your case manager will be reaching out soon to discuss how it will be implemented during distance learning. This decision has been made very thoughtfully and if the burden of cases in schools becomes too high and the ability to meet the staffing need cannot be met, we are prepared to transition to a virtual model quickly. All News MaxPreps Articles. I’d like to provide you with a quick update on the work that we are doing to plan for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. Articles. Meal Services A voiceover presentation is also available on the Stronger Together web page. Wear a face covering. Currently, about 75% of our staff in quarantine are able to continue instruction remotely, allowing for continuous learning by the regular teacher for those in school (with classroom monitors for in-person supervision). Mark P. Duerwaechter At the elementary schools, the isolation of classrooms in exposure situations has been very effective at reducing the spread of the virus. The 13,000 pound, nine foot tall machine has a huge variety of uses. It is a wonderful opportunity to reflect and to be grateful for our neighbors, friends, colleagues, and family. It’s a great reminder of the importance of the work that we are doing, and serves as evidence that we are truly Stronger Together. As we continue to wrap up the 2019-2020 school year and move into planning for next school year, we wanted to share a few things with you. Kaukauna's graduation ceremony, I hope this communication finds you and your family doing well. Another important topic I’d like to cover is the importance of being ready to transition between instructional models. Mark P. Duerwaechter The health, safety and well-being of students and staff members remains our highest priority as we navigate this public health crisis. (KCN) -- Because graduating ceremonies for area high school seniors have been pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are finding creative ways to celebrate their students' accomplishment. Kaukauna has won the most titles of any existing school with nine. We are all aware of the serious nature of the County defined “uncontrolled spread of the COVID-19 virus” in the greater Fox Valley region. While we know this may be disappointing, please know that we have planned for this scenario, and we hope that the transition for your student between learning models is seamless. The Superior High School football team has enjoyed a pretty wild and crazy playoff run so far and Saturday’s game with the Kaukauna Galloping Ghosts should be no different. Check out the latest movement in our Top 25 high school … KAUKAUNA, WI (WTAQ-WLUK) — Kaukauna High School now has a state-of-the-art, $100,000 CNC machine for use in its Tech Ed classes. As always, thank you for your patience and understanding during this decision-making and planning process. In my family, Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday. Kaukauna -- The Kaukauna Area School District announced Friday that the will not be in session Monday, and hope to reopen April 6. October 16, 2020 - KHS Technology Education Program Unveils New Machine A new CNC machine has entered the building. The discussion centered around decision-making in the event a district-wide change from our current instructional model into another model is necessary; any change would be data driven based on community burden rate, school burden rate and age group data, along with student and staff absenteeism rates. Here is what I can tell you: the 2020-2021 school year will be different than any other school year; the expectations and practices for learning will be revised or new, and it will take flexibility, understanding, compassion, and a Kaukauna Strong mindset to work through it together. The 2020-2021 school year is underway, and on behalf of the Board of Education and the District staff, I would like to sincerely thank you for your patience, understanding and support during the past six months. Should the face covering order expire, the District will continue to require all staff, visitors, and students to wear a face covering inside our school buildings during the school day (as we are currently doing) until further notice. KAUKAUNA (WLUK) --Kaukauna High School has just unveiled a $100,000 machine for its Technology Education Department. The class is designed to help not only senior citizens but anyone who is struggling with technology whether it be phones, laptop, i-pad etc. Kaukauna Galloping Ghosts Football 20-21 Team News Page. Recently, the Board of Education held a discussion on this topic; I encourage you to review the information and discussion item on the September 14, 2020 BoardDocs meeting. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. Our students, families and full classrooms that have transitioned from in-person to virtual learning are doing a tremendous job; the transitions away from school and back into the classroom have gone really well. Positive Tests and Symptoms  One of those ways is to share your senior’s photo on the Kaukauna Community News Facebook page. We WILL develop models that provide flexibility so that we are able to quickly respond to conditions, should they change during the school year; we may ask for additional input on specific models as these plans evolve as well. To assist families, KASD created a District COVID-19 Information page which details the benchmarking and transition information, along with an overview of the current status of the spread of the virus within our schools. Kaukauna's graduation ceremony, If someone in your household is getting tested, everybody in the home should stay home until that person receives the results. Our hope is that this streamlined process, along with the Daily Health Screenings we’re asking staff and students to perform each day and other daily mitigation procedures we’re taking within our schools can be very effective tools to better control the spread of COVID-19 in our community. Kaukauna High School - Home of the "Galloping Ghosts" I’m grateful for the parents who are reporting this, and who are telling their stories of success during what has been a difficult and sometimes stressful start to the school year. Our community must do better for the sake of students staying in school. KELF members generously donated nearly $6,000 in for technology needs for students. As we continue our research and planning, please know that we will continue to keep you informed. Currently, we are using five criteria, reviewed daily to determine next steps: two are student and staff absenteeism due to illness, which we monitor on a daily basis; a third is the county data, which we receive weekly; the final two are based on the spread of the virus within our schools, determined through our District Contact Tracing Team’s process, along with the availability of adequate staff to deliver an effective and appropriate instructional experience for our students, as determined by daily evaluation by our building principals and our Human Resources office. I am very pleased and grateful to share that a few of the prominent summer concerns such as transportation, lunch, recess, virtual learning, blended learning and face coverings seem to be settling into the school days with a sense of normalcy. While it will look different this year, we will focus on how we can celebrate together. On September 28, 2020, Governor Evers’s Executive Order #1 requiring the use of face coverings inside public buildings is set to expire. Candidly, our staff and students have risen to this new standard very well. Click to share HERE. Be well,  We appreciate the patience that parents have shown as we work through this together. Click the video for a … I am not sharing this information to alarm you, but to help you be both aware and prepared. Kaukauna Area School District students took time on Wednesday, November 11 to celebrate Veterans Day, honoring those that have served our country. The WIAA Division 2 quarterfinal between the No. News Sports Packers Business ... Chilton co-op team will make their state swimming debuts and break new ground as the first state qualifiers from Kaukauna High School … In late June, we expect to receive a "roadmap" from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to assist with this planning. 79 Kaukauna High School students earned a total of 191 certifications in the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) series. I would also like to note that our students and staff did an exceptional job during the first two days of instruction; they are to be commended on their patience, resilience and support for others. It is incredibly important that, as a school community, we support each other through these uncertain times. KASD has developed a Contact Tracing Team process to provide a quick response to potential cases and notification of close contacts. The Times-Villager is your Heart of the Valley connection for city and village news, school news, and sports coverage. Thank you for your continued support. Be well. August 27, 2020 - Frequently Asked Questions. While not all of our schools participate on all platforms, you can keep up to date with some of the latest happenings within the school, along with pictures and stories, by checking out these schools and platforms: The Kaukauna Area School District is committed to meeting accessibility requirements and making information available in accordance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 508. Top 25 Rankings. With that common desire in mind, I would like to close with a rather matter of fact statement: in order to keep our schools open in their current instructional models, and to return to our traditional in-person model as soon as possible, as a school community, we must follow recommendations and engage in practices that reduce the spread of COVID-19. I am proud to be part of the unique (sometimes unreal) work that we are doing as a team this year. As challenging as the past 12 weeks have been, I am very grateful that we have followed our reopening plan and have developed a consistent process to keep our schools open. Per the Stronger Together plan, should KASD need to close a classroom or school and transition to the virtual model for a period of time, a communication could be sent with less than a 24 hour notice. I hope that this letter finds you and your family doing well. Specifically, a virtual-only instructional model is a choice for families and a communication sharing the registration process for all levels will be sent in the next few days. Student Services  High school: Friday's sports results KAUKAUNA – The Ghosts scored all their points in the first half as they went on to beat the Tigers. Please understand that there is not one measurement/benchmark that KASD will use to make a decision. September 14, 2020 - Virtual Student Lunch Information. 3 Galloping Ghosts has been moved to a neutral site and will be played at 2 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 9, at D.C. Everest in Schofield. 79 KHS students earned a total of 191 certifications in the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) series. With the support of County Public Health departments, KASD will continue to monitor and assess local and regional COVID-19 data. I am happy to share that the KASD Reopening Task Force is working to develop three potential instructional models (in person, virtual and blended), and continues to discuss collaborative mitigation practices for in-person learning. We continue to follow protocols aligned with guidance and support from local health officials to ensure we are doing everything we can to protect the health of our students and staff members. Do your part. Kaukauna Area School District believes strongly in the use of face coverings to mitigate the spread of the virus. We urge you to connect with Kaukauna Area School District and our schools on social media. Through contact tracing we have also learned that the majority of the spread of the virus is not occurring in schools. If you’re questioning whether or not your student should be in school, please review the Parent Daily Health Screening to assist you in decision-making. I would also like to share a few important operational notes.