Not only did it give us a preview of what we’d be seeing on the hike back from Berg Lake, but gave us views of the area no one on land would ever get. Whoa! I saw a few people re-filling their water bottle at Emperor Falls. He also mentioned that the trail was well-signed, which it was (you can’t get lost). Parking Lot to Kinney Lake (7km easy) The first part of the trail starts at the Mount Robson parking lot and goes along a wide trail through the forest. Mount Robson is known for its terrible weather, but we had several days of sunshine and no wind. Robson in the background.  She was hungry too, and eagerly devoured the Taste of the Wild SPHP had brought along for her. SPHP would have liked to have gone on further.  A few more kilometers would have brought Lupe to the third and most impressive glacier on Mt. If you see a ranger during your hike (or even other hikers), don’t hesitate to ask for advice – they’re so friendly and helpful! Looks like a bucket-list destination for me. My name is Jane & I'm a world traveler and an outdoor enthusiast based in the Canadian Rockies. Are there any steep section of the trail? I would love to do something like this one day. As you continue down the trail and pass the Whitehorn campground, there will be some smaller waterfalls which reminded me of the Bridle Falls in Norway. It was so beautiful. Beyond Kinney Lake, the trail enters the Valley of a Thousand Falls. Stay straight to remain on the Berg Lake Trail. This season is about making exc, ♡ Round trip we completed this journey in about 8 hours of moving time, with a 1 hour stop at Berg Lake and 30 minutes at Emperor Falls. As you start your descent towards Kinney Lake you’ll, the trail enters the Valley of a Thousand Falls. The Berg Lake Trail in Mount Robson Provincial Park. We stopped for lunch (don’t worry, we didn’t feed the marmot or the squirrels that stared curiously at us) and enjoyed the views. The trail is 22 kilometres and includes 7 campgrounds and a suspension bridge. I I refilled mine and the water tasted delicious. Mt. How fun to get to ride in a helicopter too! Visit! As well, be very careful, because the water is literally like a wall at one point and visibility is almost zero. It took us 3 hours to get to the viewpoint at a healthy walking pace, so it’s up to you if you have the time. You WILL get VERY wet! ❄️ The bike rack is just PAST Kinney lake, saw a few people make this mistake. Wow! This hike was was difficult but well worth the time to do it. It is beautiful! Further down the trail will be White Falls. This is a nice section, however if the weather looks bad I recommend waiting it out at Emperor falls campground. ... Then staying at Emperor Falls and Kinney Lake on the way down. The Canadian Rockies are famous for its imposing mountain peaks, but there’s one peak that stands above all others. Wow! I just can’t think of a more beautiful place! This is a moderate one way trail to Emperor Falls Campground in Mount Robson Provincial Park. Want more Lupe adventures?  Choose from Lupe’s 2013 Beartooths & Canadian Rockies Adventure Index, Dingo Vacations Adventure Index or Master Adventure Index.  Or subscribe free to new Lupe adventures. You would be hard pressed to find a more picturesque hike with scenery on a such a grand scale; big trees, waterfalls, canyons, glaciers, and snow-capped mountains are around every turn. This was a patchy cloudy and foggy morning in Jasper.  SPHP checked the weather forecast at the visitor center shortly after it opened, and was pleasantly surprised to learn the forecast was for sunny skies and 22 °C (72 °F).   With this encouragement, Lupe and SPHP headed W on the Yellowhead Highway to Mt. The Kinney Lake trail is a beautiful relatively easy journey to a truly stunning destination. Best Waterfalls To See During Summer in Alberta, Icefields Parkway Roadtrip Guide -What to See & Do, The Conrad Kain Hut Hike – Bugaboo Provincial Park, Landmannalaugar - Bucket List Hike in Iceland, Best Things to See and Do during Winter in the Canadian Rockies, Skoki Lakes – Hidden Gem Hike in Lake Louise. Thank you for this blog, very informative and helpful as this is how I would like to explore Mt. A young couple thought they would be able to get a walk-on reservation. This trail takes hikers to some of the best scenery in the province. You’ll need to know your party size, age category of each membe… 2018 Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming & Beyond! The falls were all spectacular and powerful, but the hike up started seeming long and hard. It’s worth it though. The Kinney Lake campsite is located 2.5 km (1.6 mi) past the start of the lake, which makes it a great first night for campers starting the trail later in the day. This is fairly flat, you go across a rockslide and than an open flat area covered in rocks. We knew we were close to the majestic Emperor Falls which we’d seen from above earlier. Imagine seeing massive ancient glaciers, turquoise coloured water of the glacial fed lakes, watching and hearing the glaciers break off into the silt-laden waters of Berg Lake, seeing different kind of waterfalls (especially the raging and powerful Emperor Falls) tumbling down from the canyon and down to the rivers, seeing the different species of birds, rivers roaring in the background as you hike…all this and much more! Hello, thanks for stopping by. These pictures are absolutely breathtaking. Once we passed the spot where bicycles can be parked, the trail was mostly flat. The ascent isn’t too steep, but it is steady and unrelenting. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Saw more than a few hobblers on the trail. It took us 5hrs from Kinney Lake campground to get to Marmot with our full packs (12km, 660m elevation gain). I struggle with heights…. An easy and beautiful 7km hike from the trailhead, this is perfect for people looking to bring children, first-timers, or those looking to do some bike-in camping. . This stretch follows the Robson River upstream towards the lake. As we passed the Emperor Falls campground, we started hearing the sound of roaring water. The price is $249 CAD per person one way. If you are packing gear, you will need to be in good physical condition to ascend the trail beyond Kinney lake as there are some quite steep sections between Whitehorn campsite and Emperor Falls. The parks employee at the trail registration desk told them no – with it being the long weekend and blue skies in the forecast – there was no chance and she sent them elsewhere. During the last few kilometers, there was nothing to see except the trees. Gaining just under 800 metres in 23 kilometres, the trail traverses three biogeoclimatic zones. The helicopter ride sounded great and gave you some extra time to explore. I love your posts. Mt Robson Provincial Park. haha! Download its GPS track and follow the route on a map. Thank you so much! Now I really want to go there. First and foremost, the trail needs to be booked online here. Gosh, ♡ And if you need tips/suggestions just let me know. In the 11kn to Whitehorn, you gain about 250 m overall net. From Kinney Lake to the Berg Lake trailhead it’s a 5 KM (3.1 mile) hike. Seeing, What you’ll love about the Berg Lake hike. We highly recommend you take the time to go up and go to the viewpoint. That looks amazing. These falls, while not as impressive as Emperor Falls, are quite striking and worth a look and a few photos. After a brief stop and cool-down at Emperor Falls, we soon reached Whitehorn campsite where we had spent our first night on the trail. Not being a hiking person, I think I would have done a round trip in the helicopter and called it a day! Robson (12,972 ft.) towering over Berg Lake was stupendous.  Lupe and SPHP had a clear view of the Berg and Mist glaciers.  Little icebergs that had calved off into Berg Lake from the Berg Glacier were floating in a line heading NW across the lake towards Lupe, driven by a breeze coming from the mountain.  Lupe posed for some photos with Berg Lake, the glaciers and Mt. Especially between emperor falls campground and Whitehorn campground. If you’re ever in the Valemount area to see Mount Robson, we recommend you enjoy the same experience as we did. This alluvial fan acts as a dam”. We’d seen higher falls before, but the volume and power of the water roaring down was incredible! And I’d totally do the helicopter too. The trail continued to climb after Lupe passed Emperor Falls, but not quite as steeply.  Eventually it leveled out a great deal, and the climb was much more gradual making the trek far more enjoyable again.  Lupe came to a wide valley with various streams of the braided Robson River meandering through it sparkling in the sun.  A bit farther along, Lupe came to a barren rocky landscape which was mostly dry.  By then there was a good view of Mt. But I must caution you, the hike is very long. Robson for quite a while.  This was the farthest N (53.11°) Lupe had ever been and it was gorgeous!  Inevitably though, the time came to leave. The trail begins near the Mount Robson Visitors centre and climbs steadily to the glacial fed Berg Lake. Emperor Falls. I said “WOW” in a load booming voice! As Kinney Lake came into view, it was a bittersweet feeling. Imagine taking a scenic helicopter ride to Berg Lake, and just hiking down to the trailhead (22kms + additional routes) while being full of energy instead of sweaty, tired, and hungry. The cool-aid blue colour of the water is beautiful and calming. What an amazing benefit from taking the helicopter to the starting point of your hike. Lupe after a successful crossing of the swinging bridge beyond Kinney Lake. So easy and free! As you start your descent towards Kinney Lake you’ll, the trail enters the Valley of a Thousand Falls. Helicopter up and hike down – that is my way to go! The photos alone were worth the price of the flight! Robson about 23 years ago. Eventually, we heard the sound of roaring water again, and the Falls Of The Pool came into sight. I went to a summer wedding at Mt. From the junction of Highways 5 and 16 in Tete Jaune Cache, follow the Yellowhead Highway (16) east for 16.3 kilometers to Mount Robson Meadows and turn left onto Kinney Lake Road, then follow it to the trailhead at its end in another 2 kilometers. The trail allows for bicycles as far as Kinney Lake, with a bike lock-up provided around the 8 km (5 mi) mark. Wow. The trail is very wide and resembles a … 16. Did I just admit I may be out of shape? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We didn’t want to hike 44 kilometers in one day as it would be too tiring and we’d be rushed. Along the way we passed through the Marmot campground. It was all about the view of the magnificent Mount Robson and surrounding landscape from high above which gives you a jaw-dropping preview of what you’ll be seeing on your way back. Had we bypassed the Toboggan Falls/Hargreaves Lake circuit, it would have just been a flat hike around Berg Lake. We headed off on the first stretch of our journey to Kinney Lake. It was incredible, but I think I’d enjoy one at Mount Robson even more. After Emperor Falls you will keep going up for a little bit and then it will become pretty flat until the lake. Recorrido lineal. on The Berg Lake Trail, Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada (7-30-13), 2019 Dingo Vacation to the Yukon & Alaska Adventure Index, 2019 Dingo Vacations to the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming Adventure Index, 2018 Yukon, Northwest Territories & Alaska, 2018 Bighorn Mountains & Wind River Range of Wyoming. Between the Rearguard campsite and the Berg Lake campsite, you’ll see a side trail ascending up to the right, with a sign indicating it goes to Toboggan Falls . You can do the Berg Lake hike in style – fly up to the lake in a helicopter and hike down or vice versa! This trail goes by Belvédère Kinney Lake, Kinney Lake, Kinney Lake Campground, Whitehorn Campground, White Falls, and Falls of the Pool. There are some markers that indicated how far we were from the trailhead, and the last three KM dragged on seemingly forever, as we were tired from a long day of hiking. Don’t worry, they will give it back to you once you arrive at Berg Lake. I love it!! The Berg Lake trailhead is located on the Robson River at the end of a 3 km gravel road N of the Mt. Hiking in between huge peaks on either side, it’s spectacular and you’re probably thinking “wow this is so easy, I should do more hikes like this”. From here, the trail had some minor elevation gain and loss as it wound around Kinney Lake, and you’ll have a chance for a few photos as you get near the shore. Emperor Falls is located along the Berg Lake trail in Mount Robson Provincial Park. Towering 3,954 metres (12,972 ft) above the ground, Mound Robson is the highest mountain in the Canadian Rockies, or as we call it the “King of the Canadian Rockies”. SPHP stopped in at the Mount Robson Provincial Park visitor center to register and get a free map of the Berg Lake trail.  From there it was a short drive to the Berg Lake trailhead.  There were lots of people and vehicles around, but SPHP found a place to park the G6.  Sometime between 10:30 and 11:00 AM, Lupe crossed the bridge over the beautiful rushing Robson River and set off along the Berg Lake trail through a shady cedar forest. The trail is well maintained and not too steep, but if it’s been raining it may get muddy and slippery so be careful and watch your step. Your photos are stunning and definitely have me pushing for the Canadian Rockies next summer! Campsites Before Berg Lake. Seeing your photos is like the mountains waving a little Hello to me. This looks like an awesome hike, and I love the helicopter ride. My goodness, this is gorgeous. What to expect before the helicopter ride? Visit BC Parks Canada website for more information. It’s on the main trail but has a large viewing point so you won’t block people by taking pics or stopping to look at it. The company offers heli-tours as well. Emperor Falls Falls of the Pool White Falls V a l l e y h o f a T o u s a n d F a l l s Rob s o n r Rearguard Mountain Mount Robson Toboggan Falls Adolphus Lake J a s p e r N a t i o n a l P a rk Robson Pass ... Kinney Lake 7 14 Whitehorn 11 22 Emperor Falls 16 9 Marmot 19 7 Berg Lake … Nothing can prepare you for the awe-inspiring beauty that awaits you on this hike! The third option is what I mean by hiking in style. Disclaimer - hot cocoa is, ✨Shades of blue - when winter meets the deep blu, After we excitedly buckled up, the engine started! After crossing a steel bridge at the end of Kinney Lake, it is just 2.8 kilometres (1.7 mi) to the Kinney Lake campground. I love following your travel adventures. Past Kinney Lake the trail continued into the Valley of A Thousand Falls.  It was all very beautiful.  SPHP enjoyed seeing Lupe crossing a fun swinging bridge over the Robson River.  The trail started rising steeply once Lupe got to the area of the three main waterfalls a few km above Kinney Lake.  Lupe came first to White Falls, then Falls of the Pool, and finally Emperor Falls. I wouldn’t recommend this because you won’t have time to appreciate everything you see. So obviously you can drink it! Nature at its finest! If you’re taking the helicopter ride going there, there isn’t really any steep elevations if you’re just following the trails going down. How did we hike to Berg Lake in Mount Robson when our camping reservations went awry? The Robson Heli-Magic representative had one person from each vehicle drive to the trailhead, and then drove everyone back to Mount Robson Pit in his shuttle. Reflecting back on our amazing hike, we’re so glad we chose to book the helicopter ride to Berg Lake with Robson Heli Magic. My bucket list just gets bigger. Although it would extend our day of hiking (as we’d be ascending rather than descending, we decided to do it). It stands 150 feet high and 5,300 feet above sea level. While it was a relaxing way to end our hike, it was quite anti-climactic. And repeated it many times! Kinney Lake will be the first campground you will run into along the Berg Lake trail. I can’t wait to experience it one day. After emperor falls you hit berg lake and the berg lake glacier. All Rights Reserved. Francs Peak, Absaroka Range, Wyoming (7-15-20) – Part 2: HP12064 to the Summit! However, if you’re planning to visit I would recommend June or Fall as it tends to get crowded during summer. Robson was the final really long day hike of Lupe’s 2013 Dingo Vacation to the Beartooths and the Canadian Rockies.  At daybreak the next morning, SPHP started the G6 up and began the long drive S back home to the States.  It’s always a bit sad when it’s time to turn around, although there were still a few other stops and shorter hikes to come before Lupe left Canada. This is what the majority of the people choose by camping over multiple days along the designated camping spots. Our campground, Marmot, was located right at the beginning of Berg Lake, in between Mist and Berg Glaciers. Stunning pictures! Snowbird Pass, Emperor Falls. Kinney Lake Bridge to Kinney Lake … keep it up. If you decide to camp, you will need to book your reservation to Berg Lake trail a year in advance. We packed up in the morning and were at the trailhead by about 7am. Kinney Lake. I look forward to your blog posts… I have so many fond memories of living up in Jasper and exploring that territory. It was an easy stroll following the river, since the elevation gain was gradual. Rushing to get through 44 km in one day would be too anxiety fueled! Of the two, I recommend the Berg Lake campsites as they are nestled into the trees and are a short walk from the lakeshore. Our day started at 8 AM, when we drove to the meeting point, the Mount Robson Pit , located just off Highway 16 (Yellowhead Highway). The helicopter ride is only a 10 minute flight. Kinney Lake. Thanks for sharing this – something else to add to my bucket list! We chose to hike back down for 22 kilometers and an additional 5 kms to hike up to Toboggan Falls trail to the viewing point of Berg Lake (total 27 kms). Francs Peak, Absaroka Range, Wyoming (7-15-20) – Part 1: The Meadow Creek Trail & Beyond! This is the k, ❄️ Kinney Lake is the first campsite from the trailhead that you’ll encounter after hiking 7km. You can see the peak of Mount Robson from here. Well worth the drive up North. The Berg Lake Trail is a world-renowned backcountry hiking trail. The falls were all spectacular and powerful, but the hike up started seeming long and hard.  The trail was steep, it was rather warm out, and swarms of biting flies descended upon Lupe and SPHP at every stop for a breather.  SPHP swatted hundreds of flies dead, but it was no use – their numbers were endless.  The only real defense was to press steadily along. You only go about 50m higher to Berg Lake, so the section to Emperor Falls is the major elevation gain. At this point, we were so glad that Robson Heli Magic had us drop our vehicles off at the trailhead – another 5 KM trek down the road to Mount Robson Pit would have been almost too painful. Robson.  The Berg and Mist glaciers could be seen coming down the mountain. This way, we’d finish the hike and our vehicle would be waiting for us right in the trailhead parking lot. You can start to see the glaciers from here. The Berg Lake Trail, Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada (7-30-13). As the last sheets of ice are closing in, I wa, ♡ The pilot will give you a safety briefing. You can book either a ride up to the lake or a ride down. I stayed at rearguard for one night (5 hours up, 4 hours down) and biked the first and last 7 km to Kinney lake. The next point of interest you would see after Emperor Falls. Robson at 12,972 feet is the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies (though not in all of Canada).  Gorgeous Berg Lake lies at the base of the N face of Mt. That moment when time is frozen, as is ever, ❄️ As it happened, a BC Parks ranger was standing on the trail talking to some other hikers. This is on our bucket list for either next summer or the summer after (we are doing the Canadian Rockies and the Boundary Waters, and just aren’t sure the order yet). From here cyclists must continue on foot. It was a very short walk up to the viewpoint, only taking 3-5 minutes. I’d love to do this one day. We took this hike just this month. And even then, the sound of the water was so loud we couldn’t hear what we were saying to each other, even standing side by side. Canada's Berg Lake Trail is arguably one of the most sought-after back country camping permits available for Canada's summer months, and spots sell out quickly! This is very really unique helpful information. Absolutely recommend visiting the Canadian Rockies Malia! I found out that you can take a helicopter ride to Mount Robson through a company in Valemount called Robson Heli-Magic. The pictures are so beautiful, and you give great info. Thank you for sharing, Jane! While Kinney Lake, the Valley of a Thousand Falls, & Emperor Falls are a part of the longer Berg Lake Trail and a great backpacking journey, we realize that backpacking isn’t for everyone.Camping at Berg Lake can also be a hard permit to acquire as it takes planning the journey nearly a year in advance. As we made it to the top, a marmot was there just staring at us! Definitely worth a stop to look! “Kinney Lake owes its existence to an alluvial fan; a mass of sand and gravel built on the valley floor where a stream drops debris. Receive notifications of new Lupe adventures by email. If you’re flying in or flying out one way, you have to hike 22 kilometers long without taking a detour on the other hiking trails. In my opinion, Emperor Falls is the best waterfall in the Canadian Rockies! I would love to visit the Canadian Rockies some day. Emperor Falls. Your pictures are stunning! of Berg Lake Trail Berg Lake Trail ... Trailhead at the end of Kinney Lake Road, Mount Robson, British Columbia V0E 2Z0, Canada. It’s an experience you can’t miss! Not only did it save us about 5 hours walking up to Berg Lake, but we enjoyed our first helicopter ride and enjoyed breathtaking views of the waterfalls, Mount Robson, and Berg Lake from above. You can carry your bear spray on the helicopter ride but you have to let the representative know so they can put it in a separate container. The views!! Lupe came first to White Falls, then Falls of the Pool, and finally Emperor Falls. What an amazing experience! And the best part was that I was able to sit beside the pilot and get a panoramic view! From Review: Girls trip in paradise! Berg Lake Trail, Mount Robson Picture: Emperor Falls - Check out Tripadvisor members' 659 candid photos and videos. I can only imagine how breathtaking it must have been in person! LOTS of WOW moments! Kinney lake - emperor falls Hiking trail in Mount Robson, British Columbia (Canada). Oh my goodness those falls look spectacular! During the flight, we saw (in order): After taking dozens of photos on the short flight, we landed in between Adolphus Lake and Berg Lake, right beside the trail. 40: Daugherty Trailhead to Signal Knob & Deerfield Lake (10-30-20). However, the reality was that dogs aren’t allowed to camp there overnight.  Pre-registration is required even for the humans.  Lupe and SPHP could not stay.  It was already late afternoon and another 21 km trek had to be made back out to the G6 to end the day.  Lupe and SPHP lingered on the N beach of Berg Lake admiring Mt. We got fairly close to the base of the falls but didn’t go all the way. Designed & Developed by Solo Pine. I’m definitely adding this to my list. You get the best of both worlds. I’m definitely adding this to my bucket list-my helicopter bucket list . It was breathtaking and impressive to see so many waterfalls in one area. My fingers were busy clicking photos from every angle and at the same time savouring every moment of the quick journey. Robson, camp out at the campground overnight, and spend the next day exploring the area.  The map showed lots of interesting trails around. Jason intended to hike just the first 5 or 6 km of the Berg Lake trail as far as Kinney Lake (the first major trail objective), since he was actually on his way to Vancouver.  SPHP found Jason’s tales about his travels very interesting.  Lupe trotted along keeping a sharp watch for squirrels while Jason and SPHP chatted.  It seemed like Kinney Lake was reached in no time at all.  Jason turned back and Lupe and SPHP continued on following the trail, which now went up and down in the forest above the E shore of Kinney Lake. From this point on until you almost reach Kinney Lake, you’ll be descending steadily. The Berg Lake Trail is a world-renowned backcountry hiking trail. We re-joined the Berg Lake trail and turned right (left goes back to Berg Lake). Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. If you’re afraid of heights or scared flying on a small plane, a helicopter ride is not for you. Berg Lake Campsite. I quite liked this part because it was different than our usual forests in Alberta, it was much greener because on this side of the mountain it is a rainforest. The falls is so beautiful and one of the BEST that I’ve seen in the Canadian Rockies. What a beautiful hike, the helicopter ride provided great shots. From Emperor falls campground you have 3 Kms to Marmot Campground. Walking in a winter wonderland. In my opinion, Emperor Falls is the best waterfall in the Canadian Rockies! We could spend hours looking at them. There’s hiking, and then there’s hiking in style – and in Mount Robson nonetheless! There were trails also going to Mumm Basin and to a cave, however they were closed off at the time so we couldn’t explore them.