Victoria is thrilled to be working with the WildEarth Guardians’ attorneys this summer on Endangered Species Act and Public Lands issues. She received a doctorate in Environmental History from Montana State University in 2017, her dissertation focusing on Mormon settlement and public land conflicts. She came to Portland, Oregon to pursue a career in environmental litigation and is currently working towards her Certificate in Environmental & Natural Resource Law. Even their behavior—the way they dart in and out of flowers while feeding—is very similar. Though their dark-olive-and-black eggs are well-camouflaged, they are nevertheless vulnerable to predators such as coyotes, swift foxes, and ground squirrels. Matthew Koehler joined WildEarth Guardians as the Communications Manager in 2020, bringing 25 years of experience working to protect and defend public lands, wildlife, wilderness, and democracy. 2006, Dreitz and Knopf 2007) and Montana (e.g., Knowles et al. Categories. Plover and tern habitat preferences are similar across all predictor variables, particularly total sandy beach area, land use, slope and distance to non-ocean tidal waters ( … Learning about industrial agriculture was the catalyst for my interest in environmental law. She earned a B.S. Mountain plover nests are shallow depressions in the ground. Honeyeaters are a widely diverse family of birds found in New Guinea, Australia, and the surrounding islands. Another consideration: escaping the hot prairie sun by hiding in the shade of tall grasses, fence posts, telephone poles, and adult plovers. The Mountain Bluebird was once called the Arctic or Ultramarine Blue-Bird names that recognize its northerly range and the male's vivid sky-blue plumage. Colorado State University Extension in El Paso County. Betsy Gaines Quammen is a historian and conservationist. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Many families live in Plover and residents tend to be conservative. I decided to attend law school to fight against social injustice and make a positive impact on the environment. Loss of these areas because of crop planting or the removal of prairie dogs, is the biggest threat to the mountain plover's population. Fish and Wildlife Service withdraws listing proposal for the mountain plover, U.S. Mountain plovers nest in prairie dog towns, and considering the obstacles they must overcome just to reach adulthood, these birds need the best nesting sites they can find. Plover chicks can run and feed themselves almost immediately after hatching. All this function-determines-appearance makes it particularly difficult for us birders. in environmental science from Northern Arizona University before beginning her career in law. There is substantially less breeding in their former habitats in Arizona, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Mexico, and the bird is now extinct in Utah. They nest in soft sand away from the water's edge along the Atlantic Coast, Great Plains, and Great Lakes. Birds that re-nest after the fields are planted soon find themselves surrounded by too-tall vegetation and abandon their nests. Could be a diving duck (such as a merganser)—or perhaps a cormorant. Yet look at these photos. These wide-ranging birds are struggling with the decline of their preferred nesting sites in prairie dog towns and the loss of their California wintering sites to vineyards, orchards, and urban development. I am a rising 2L at Willamette University College of Law. She is originally from Gilbert, Arizona and gets to experience the best of both worlds: brutal winters and scorching summers. This small thrush, about two-thirds the size of an American Robin, is the state bird of Idaho and Nevada. Fish and Wildlife Service for protection under the Endangered Species Act. Hummingbirds are only found in the western hemisphere, and are in the order Apodiformes, family Trochilidae. The piping plover (Charadrius melodus) is a small sand-colored, sparrow-sized shorebird that nests and feeds along coastal sand and gravel beaches in North America.The adult has yellow-orange-red legs, a black band across the forehead from eye to eye, and a black stripe running along the breast line. Before that day, I had been a career hospitality worker—interested in wilderness to be sure—but living a selfish existence pursuing careerism and creature comforts. Plover is a small town in Wisconsin so there isn't much to do. It's not until they scurry down the sand on their orange legs that you're likely to spot these big-eyed shorebirds with a sharp black collar and an orange bill. The elegant, enigmatic Upland Sandpiper paces across grassland habitats like a tiny, short-billed curlew throughout the year: prairies, pastures, and croplands in summer; and South American grasslands in winter. Katherine Lynn Toan Merlin is WildEarth Guardians’ Climate and Energy Program Colorado Attorney. Fish and Wildlife Service first proposes mountain plover for listing February 1999, U.S. ( Log Out /  Plover is a town in Wisconsin with a population of 677. That was smart on behalf of the parents—armed with the facts,… Here’s how… ( Log Out /  Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she has been enjoying everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer, such as Mount Hood, the Pacific Ocean, and the overabundance of ferns and evergreens. More than half of mountain plover egg clutches are lost to predation. That selfishness went out the window when the president cruelly reduced two sacred and protected places that meant so much to so many. Little round Piping Plovers hide in plain sight on sandy ocean and lake shores, blending right in with their sandy gray backs. Plover Town is located in Wisconsin with a population of 1,820. Categories. Farm equipment can destroy the nests of birds that settle on untilled fields. They’re also similar in sporting brilliant, iridescent plumage, primarily on their throats (although some hummingbirds are almost completely covered, as this Green Mango illustrates). Seeking opportunities to protect public lands and the environment generally, Matt went to law school at the University of Colorado. He moved to Missoula, Montana in 1995 after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside with a history degree and later obtained a secondary teaching certificate from the University of Montana, for history and English. Do they look like cousins? Fish and Wildlife Service again withdraws listing proposal for the mountain plover, WildEarth Guardians and Center for Native Ecosystems send scientific comments on mountain plover listing proposal, U.S. This is a perfect example of convergent evolution. They’re not at all closely related! Matt is a Climate & Energy program attorney for WildEarth Guardians. Does it have bristles around the beak? Fish and Wildlife Service reopens comment period on listing proposal, proposes “take” rule, U.S. Sunbird and spinebills are in the order Passeriformes; sunbirds in the Nectariniidae and spinebills among the honeyeaters, Meliphagidae. Clearly, the ecological niche determines the size and shape of its inhabitants. Maggie is very excited to be working with WildEarth Guardians’ Wildlife and Wild Places Programs. Change ). All told, the bird’s population has declined by more than 66 percent in the past few decades, and recent estimates place its total numbers at between 5,000 and 11,000 individuals. Plover is not particularly walkable, but there are a lot of bars, coffee shops, and parks nearby. from Vermont Law School in 2008, and an LLM in Natural Resources Law from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2013. ), they comprise the superfamily Meliphagoidea. Mountain Plover. It seems that in 'days of yore' when pirates really did roam the high seas, these birds had formed a niche relationship with wild bison, black-tailed prairie dogs and fire. Fish and Wildlife Service reopens comment period on listing proposal, proposes “take” rule December 2002, U.S. Many Alcids (auks, murres, puffins, and guillemots) and penguins are shaped pretty much the same, and some even have the same coloring, though they’re poles apart. As mentioned, spinebills are Australian, while the various sunbirds are found in Australia, Asia, and Africa. She is majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Spanish. As of May 2020, there are 542 species on the list. Well, it’s paying off, giving us new insights into how various bird species play their roles in an ecosystem, as well as the potential impact of species loss. It's not until they scurry down the sand on their orange legs that you're likely to spot these big-eyed shorebirds with a sharp black collar and an orange bill. Participate in our virtual events |  Watch past events and subscribe, U.S. Originally from Northern California, Erin misses the Pacific Ocean, but loves exploring Colorado’s beautiful outdoors, spending her free time hiking, camping, and learning about the native wildlife. ... plover (mountain) - rare plover (piping) - rare plover (semipalmated) plover (Wilson's) puffin (Atlantic) - rare rail (black) rail (clapper) rail (King) rail (Virginia) rail (yellow) - rare raven (common) razorbill Armed with tough defenses against all that nature can throw at them, some seeds refuse to grow unless they’re forced to. Matt’s work focuses on protecting New Mexico and communities across the West from the impacts of oil and gas extraction and use. In 1999, the U.S. After graduating, he clerked for a state district court judge in Colorado and then relocated an hour south of the Canadian Border, in Idaho, to work on energy and water quality issues with the Idaho Conservation League. Plover Town is in Portage County and is one of the best places to live in Wisconsin. They nest in soft sand away from the water's edge along the Atlantic Coast, Great Plains, and Great Lakes. In this sense, the realized niche may be larger than the fundamental niche. We continue to advocate for the plover and we will not rest until these birds have a safe home. After college in Colorado, caretaking for a bed and breakfast in Mosier, Oregon, and serving breakfasts at a cafe in Kanab, Utah, Betsy settled in Bozeman, Montana, where she now lives with her husband, writer David Quammen, two huge dogs, an overweight cat, and a pretty big python named Boots. Erin Woolley is a rising third-year law student at the University of Colorado Law School, pursuing certificates in both Energy, Environmental & Natural Resources Law and American Indian Law. Erin is excited to be working with WildEarth Guardians this summer and protecting wild rivers! Other species, such as the mountain plover and the burrowing owl, also rely on prairie dog burrows for nesting areas. She has studied various religious traditions over the years, with particular attention to how cultures view landscape and wildlife. December 2012. The plover has twice been proposed for listing, and twice the listing proposed has been withdrawn. There we were, a gaggle of pre-adolescent girls approaching puberty, giggling as we shared the details of the recent talks we’d each had with our mothers. Hi, I’m Julian Kanter. (I saw them again a few days later, inside our hotel lobby in Bangkok.) They are an important prey species, being the primary diet in prairie species such as the black-footed ferret, the swift fox, the golden eagle, the badger, and the ferruginous hawk. They nest in soft sand away from the water's edge along the Atlantic Coast, Great Plains, and Great Lakes. Apparently, the parents had gotten together and decided to synchronize their lectures about the birds and the bees. Mountain Plover. Then I traveled and realized it’s all much more complicated. Maggie Flaherty, originally from a small town in Northern California, is a rising senior at Dartmouth College. Or perhaps it prefer to walk or run—you can predict it will have long legs. In her free time, she likes to hike and swim outdoors. 1982, Knowles and Knowles 1984, Dinsmore et al. … [T]he team found that the combination of all body measurements was highly predictive of even subtle differences in lifestyle, and ecosystem function, across all species. I have lived in Plover for about 4 years and I would say that it isn't bad, but I do wish that the people of Plover would reconsider that putting a bar near an elementary school is not the best choice. The mountain plover is one of many species dependent on prairie dogs in the West. Odds are, it has long wings. At Dartmouth, she spends most of her time engaging in sexual violence prevention efforts as well as playing water polo. Most mountain plovers nest in Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming. Leslie Holzmann loves God and the world He has created for us. Matt, his partner, Ruth, and their pup, Frisbee, love being back in Southwest and spending time in the mountains and on the water. Raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., Kate began her career to protect the environment after a three-month trek through the southwest with the National Outdoor Leadership School. I used to feel fairly competent at assigning families to the birds I saw. The first illustration that comes to mind is the similarity among hummingbirds, sunbirds, and Australia’s Eastern Spinebill. They are also an important niche for fish and invertebrate nurseries. Grace is excited to learn more about legal processes and hopes to apply to law school by her graduation. However, all these birds feed heavily on nectar, so they have long, often curved bills so they can reach into flowers. Grace Erispaha is a rising senior at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota pursuing an undergraduate degree in Economics and Environmental Studies. This is a pitiful number for a bird that lives just two years on average. Fish and Wildlife Service was petitioned for ‘threatened’ status of the Mountain Plover, but a decision in 2003 found that listing was not warranted (USFWS 2003). The mountain plover nests only in relatively heavily grazed shortgrass steppe (Graul, 1973, 1975; Ryder, 1980; Leachman and Osmundson, 1990; Milchunas et al., 1998; Derner et al., 2009), likely an adaptation to the historical influences of bison (Bison bison) grazing that only cattle can now replace. The median rent price in Plover is $834 and most residents own their homes. The rural American West, pastoral communities of northern Mongolia, and the grasslands of East Africa have been her main areas of interest.