Ignorance is Strength" in Orwell's book. [27] The film was originally scheduled for release on the weekend of 5 November 2005, the Plot's 400th anniversary, with the tag line "Remember, remember the 5th of November", taken from a traditional British rhyme memorialising the event. (This fact owes to the post-9/11 association of Islam and the Middle East with terrorism, combined with the fact that British Muslims far outnumber British Jews. In a future British tyranny, a shadowy freedom fighter, known only by the alias of "V", plots to overthrow it with the help of a young woman. According to the Los Angeles Times, "With a wealth of new, real-life parallels to draw from in the areas of government surveillance, torture, fear mongering and media manipulation, not to mention corporate corruption and religious hypocrisy, you can't really blame the filmmakers for having a field day referencing current events." Tells the story of Evey Hammond (Natalie Portman) and her unlikely but instrumental part in bringing down the fascist government that has taken control of a futuristic Great Britain. [47] The single disc versions contain a short (15:56) behind-the-scenes featurette titled "Freedom! The military receives no orders and allows the crowd to pass. [15] Chiefly, the original graphic novel has the fascists elected legally and kept in power through the general apathy of the public, whereas the film introduces the "St. Mary's virus", a biological weapon engineered and released by the Norsefire Party as a means of clandestinely gaining control over their own country. V takes Evey to his home, where she is told she must remain for one year. Dalam novel, hal tersebut gagal, bahkan V terbunuh dan perjuangannya dilanjutkan oleh Evey. Initially published, starting in 1982, in black-and-white as an ongoing serial in the short-lived UK anthology Warrior, it morphed into a ten-issue limited series published by DC Comics. [33], V for Vendetta was filmed in London, England, and in Potsdam, Germany, at Babelsberg Studios. The scenes that took place in the abandoned London Underground were filmed at the disused Aldwych tube station. C'est une adaptation du roman graphique V pour Vendetta (1982-1990) d'Alan Moore et David Lloyd. )[16][17][18] The film is also explicit in portraying V as the embodiment of an idea rather than an individual through V's dialogue and by depicting him without a past, identity or face. ", In October 2017, it was announced that Channel 4 was developing a television series based on the comic book.[81]. V detonates two London landmarks and takes over the government, urging his fellow citizens to rise up. [38], There are several fundamental differences between the film and the original source material. [2][13] It opened for general release on 17 March 2006 in 3,365 cinemas in the United States, the United Kingdom and six other countries. This drew criticism of Blair from MP David Davis due to the film's content. Saved from a life-and-death situation by a man in a Guy Fawkes mask who calls himself \"V\" (Hugo Weaving), she learns a general summary of V's past and, after a time, decides to help him bring down those who committed the atrocities that led to Britain being in the shape that it is in. [68] Empire magazine named the film the 418th greatest movie of all time in 2008.[69]. Sedangkan di situs Rotten Tomatoes film ini memperoleh rating 73 persen. Set in an alternative future where a Nordic supremacist and neo-fascist totalitarian regime has subjugated the United Kingdom, the film centers on V (portrayed by Hugo Weaving), an anarchist and masked freedom fighter who attempts to ignite a revolution through elaborate terrorist acts, while Natali… V is following the same steps of Guy Fawkes, a sort of terrorist of the XVII century, who wanted to blow up the English Parlament in London. After Gordon satirizes the government on his show, his home is raided, and Evey is captured. Finch searches for V's true identity, tracing him to a bioweapons program in Larkhill. Thousands of citizens wearing Guy Fawkes masks march toward the Houses of Parliament. Sinopsis: Ambientada en una Inglaterra de un futuro alternativo, narra la historia de Evey, una mujer tranquila que es rescatada de una situación extrema por un enmascarado únicamente conocido como "V". Everyone is complicit in this kind of stuff. Synopsis et détails Londres, au 21ème siècle... Evey Hammond ne veut rien oublier de l'homme qui lui sauva la vie et lui permit de dominer ses peurs les plus lointaines. The film is set in an alternative future where a Nordic supremacist and neo-fascist totalitarian regime has subjugated the United Kingdom. The two share a brief romance before Gordon is killed by a Scottish gang. Fourteen years earlier, Sutler, Secretary of Defence at the time, launched a secret project at Larkhill, which resulted in the creation of the St. Mary's virus. That's what is absent from Hollywood's interpretation. He leaves it to Evey to decide whether to use it. [52], DVD sales were successful, selling 1,412,865 DVD units in the first week of release which translated to $27,683,818 in revenue. [citation needed], Many of the characters from the graphic novel underwent significant changes for the film. 'V for Vendetta' diperankan oleh Hugo Weaving dan Natalie Portman sebagai pemeran utamanya. On the eve of November 5, Evey visits V, who shows her a train filled with ANFO explosives in the abandoned London Underground, set to destroy Parliament. [55] Time Warner owns the rights to the image and is paid a fee with the sale of each official mask. V and Evey's relationship also parallels many of the romantic elements of The Phantom of the Opera, where the masked Phantom takes Christine Daaé to his subterranean lair to re-educate her. La película narra la historia de Evey, una joven de la clase trabajadora que es rescatada de una situación de vida o muerte por un misterioso enmascarado conocido como "V". ", V for Vendetta sets the Gunpowder Plot as V's historical inspiration, contributing to his choice of timing, language, and appearance. Hal ini akhirnya yang menjadi pembenaran bagi seorang politikus yang ambisius untuk … The story depicts a dystopian and post-apocalyptic near-future historyversion of the United Kingdom in the 1990s, p… Freedom is Slavery. Read Script V for Vendetta (2006) Written byLilly Wachowski and Lana Wachowski. According to the official website, "V's use of the Guy Fawkes mask and persona functions as both practical and symbolic elements of the story. It really showed what can happen when society is ruled by government, rather than the government being run as a voice of the people. It really is a revolution. Inspector Finch of Scotland Yard investigates V's activities. Regarding the film's controversial political content, the filmmakers have said that the film is intended more to raise questions and add to a dialogue already present in society, rather than provide answers or tell viewers what to think. She is an employee of the state-run British Television Network, but soon, she becomes the number one enemy of the state together with an enigmatic and larger-than-life freedom fighter known only by the letter "V". Sinopsis V for Vendetta (2005) Kisahnya diawali oleh insiden “Konspirasi Bubuk Mesiu” yang dipelopori oleh Guy Fawkes pada tanggal 5 November 1605. One of the major challenges in the film was how to bring V to life from under an expressionless mask. [32] He was replaced by Hugo Weaving, who had previously worked with Joel Silver and the Wachowskis on The Matrix series. V explains, very calmly, that he did so to free Evey from the prison of her own happiness, and show her the power of courage and integrity. [45], V for Vendetta was released on DVD in the US on 1 August 2006,[46] in three formats: a single-disc wide-screen version, a single-disc full-screen version, and a two-disc wide-screen special edition. [15] She received top billing for the film. Despite their earlier quarrels, Evey has grown close to V and is visibly heartbroken by his death. However, Alan Moore, having been dissatisfied with the film adaptations of his other works, From Hell (2001) and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003), declined to watch the film and asked to be uncredited and not be paid royalties. [27] V for Vendetta is the final film shot by cinematographer Adrian Biddle, who died of a heart attack on 7 December 2005, 4 days prior to its world debut. | [19][20][21], As a film about the struggle between freedom and the state, V for Vendetta takes imagery from many classic totalitarian icons both real and fictional, including the Third Reich, the Soviet Union under Stalin and George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four. In a future British tyranny, a shadowy freedom fighter, known only by the alias of "V", plots to overthrow it with the help of a young woman. After Creedy executes Sutler, V kills Creedy and his men. The V for Vendetta soundtrack was released by Astralwerks Records on 21 March 2006. As Evey uncovers the truth about V’s mysterious background, she also discovers the truth about herself – and emerges as his unlikely ally in the culmination of his plot to bring freedom and justice back to a society fraught with cruelty and corruption. Moore said that the script contained plot holes[30] and that it ran contrary to the theme of his original work, which was to place two political extremes (fascism and anarchism) against one another. In keeping with revolutionary tone of the film, excerpts from "On Black Power" (also in "A Declaration of Independence") by black nationalist leader Malcolm X, and from "Address to the Women of America" by feminist writer Gloria Steinem were added to the song. In the novel, Gordon is a small-time criminal who takes Evey into his home after V abandons her on the street. Set against the futuristic landscape of totalitarian Britain, V For Vendetta tells the story of a mild-mannered young woman named Evey (NATALIE PORTMAN) who is rescued from a life-and-death situation by a masked man (HUGO WEAVING) known only as “V.” Incomparably charismatic and ferociously skilled in the art of combat and deception, V ignites a revolution when he urges his … V for Vendetta is a dystopian novel that takes place in England in 1997. Moore states that "[t]here wasn't a mention of anarchy as far as I could see. V de Vendetta es una serie de diez comic books escritas por Alan Moore e ilustradas por David Lloyd.El argumento de la serie está situado en un futuro distópico de finales de la década de los 90 (la serie fue creada en los 80).. La historia está ambientada en Gran Bretaña durante un futuro distópico cercano y tras una guerra nuclear parcial, con gran parte del mundo destruido. The second was a special version of Ethan Stoller's "BKAB". | One night V rescues a mild young woman called Evey Hammond (Natalie Portman), and an unlikely bond between the two emerges which results with Evey becoming Vs ally. The police attempt to capture V. Evey helps him escape but is knocked unconscious. [25] One of the forbidden items in Gordon's secret basement is a protest poster with a mixed US–UK flag with a swastika and the title "Coalition of the Willing, To Power" which combines the "Coalition of the Willing" with Friedrich Nietzsche's concept of will to power. 1: The Alan Moore interview", "Natalie Portman and Joel Silver Talk About "V for Vendetta, "Natalie Portman's 'V for Vendetta' Postponed", "V for Vendetta graphic novel is a US Bestseller", "Warner Announces V for Vendetta for Blu-ray (Updated)", "Warner Bros. will release 'V For Vendetta' in sparking 4K for the first time in November", "V for Vendetta Posts Strong IMAX Opening", "Story and Symbol: V for Vendetta and OWS", "How Time Warner Profits from the 'Anonymous' Hackers", "Masked Protesters Aid Time Warner's Bottom Line", "Empire's the 500 Greatest Movies of All Time", "Rotten Tomatoes: Ebert & Roeper: "V for Vendetta" Dark, Thoughtful, And That's Good", "V for Vendetta: A Brave, Bold Film for Gays and Lesbians", "Confused, not thought through: V for Vendetta", "China shocked after 'v for vendetta' aired on national tv", "Detailed V For Vendetta Soundtrack Music Information", "Soundtrack Review: V for Vendetta by Dario Marianelli (2006)", "SCOOP: Channel 4 Developing A 'V For Vendetta' TV Series", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=V_for_Vendetta_(film)&oldid=990924006, Pages with non-numeric formatnum arguments, Wikipedia indefinitely move-protected pages, Wikipedia pages semi-protected against vandalism, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2017, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat-VIAF identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 27 November 2020, at 08:08. As November 5 nears, V distributes thousands of Guy Fawkes masks. The man turns out to be a Fingerman, a member of the state secret police. Incomparably charismatic skilled in the art of combat. The film creates parallels to Alexandre Dumas's The Count of Monte Cristo, by drawing direct comparisons between V and Edmond Dantès. [37] The Gallery is V's home as well as the place where he stores various artefacts forbidden by the government. V for Vendetta deals with issues of totalitarianism, criticism of religion, homosexuality, Islamophobia and terrorism. The United Kingdom is ruled as a Nordic supremacist[7][8] and neo-fascist[9] police state by the Norsefire Party, helmed by all-powerful High Chancellor Adam Sutler. V for Vendetta is a badly written, even more poorly conceived pamphlet espousing anarchism as the ideal political system featuring non-character It’s a celebrated classic by the most acclaimed comics writer of all time, Alan Moore, and is one of the few books many non-comics readers have read. Titled V for Vendetta: From Script to Film, it was published by Universe on 22 August 2006. V For Vendetta Summary On November 5, 1997, Evey Hammond, an impoverished sixteen-year-old orphan who has turned to prostitution out of a desperation to survive, tries to solicit a man on Guy Fawkes Night. It centres on V (portrayed by Hugo Weaving), an anarchist and masked freedom fighter who attempts to ignite a revolution through elaborate terrorist acts, and Evey Hammond (portrayed by Natalie Portman) a young, working-class woman caught up in V's mission. "Remember, remember the fifth of November, the Gunpowder Treason and Plot. The Overture's finale is played at key parts at the beginning and end of the film. V pour Vendetta (V for Vendetta) est un film américano-germano-britannique, réalisé par James McTeigue et sorti en 2006. [23][24] The Homeland Security Advisory System and rendition are also referenced. "[64] Andy Jacobs for the BBC gave the film two stars out of five, remarking that it is "a bit of a mess ... it rarely thrills or engages as a story. V for Vendetta mengambil latar belakang Inggris di era masa depan ketika berada di bawah kepemimpinan rezim yang totaliter. They watch his demolition of the Old Bailey, accompanied by fireworks and the "1812 Overture". "[70], Film critic Richard Roeper dismissed right-wing Christian criticism of the film on the television show Ebert and Roeper, saying that V's "terrorist" label is applied in the film "by someone who's essentially Hitler, a dictator. [22] There is also the state's use of mass surveillance, such as closed-circuit television, on its citizens - reminiscent of the comprehensive mass surveillance systems currently deployed throughout the UK. V takes Evey back to his base, called the Shadow Gallery, where she is amazed by his collection of books and music, most of which have been lost from the world. In 1988, producer Joel Silver acquired the rights to two of Alan Moore's works: V for Vendetta and Watchmen. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength, persecution of homosexuals in Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, List of accolades received by V for Vendetta (film), Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form, State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, V for Vendetta: Music from the Motion Picture, List of fictional Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom, "| Berlinale | Archive | Annual Archives | 2006 | Programme - V For Vendetta | V wie Vendetta", "V for Vendetta masks: Who's behind them? Agustus 9, 2020. Itu … Evey is to be executed unless she reveals V's location. V for Vendetta utiliza como inspiración histórica para el personaje V, la conspiración de la pólvora, en la que un grupo de trece católicos ingleses intentaron poner fin a las persecuciones religiosas del rey Jacobo I destruyendo el Parlamento del Reino Unido y creando así una situación de caos y desorden que llevase a la instauración de un régimen partidario del catolicismo. [15][13] For example, Adam Sutler[13] primarily appears on large video screens and on portraits in people's homes, both common features among modern totalitarian regimes and reminiscent of the image of Big Brother. Since the mask muffled Weaving's voice, his entire dialogue was re-recorded in post-production. V for Vendetta is a powerful, yet dense, narrative on the dangers of government control. "[74], The film was broadcast on China's national TV station, China Central Television (CCTV) on 16 December 2012 completely uncensored,[75] surprising many viewers. Tells the story of Evey Hammond (Natalie Portman) and her unlikely but instrumental part in bringing down the fascist government that has taken control of a futuristic Great Britain. However, she accidentally approaches officers of the Finger, the government's law enforcement branch. Kekacauan merebak dimana-mana, kelaparan, penyakit dan juga angka kematian yang begitu tinggi. The name Adam Sutler is intentionally similar to Adolf Hitler. [41] V for Vendetta had its first major premiere on 11 December 2005, at Butt-Numb-A-Thon, followed by a premiere on 13 February 2006 at the Berlin Film Festival. Evey will be chased by the Secret Police, thinking that she's the accomplice of V, who will accomplish Fawkes' mission of destroying the Parlament on the 5th of November, in this mixture of The Phantom of the Opera, George Orwell's 1984, and Batman. The outbreak was blamed on a terrorist organisation. Film Barat Sinopsis V For Vendetta Filem Pemberontakan. I know of no reason why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot. V for Vendetta has been seen by many political groups as an allegory of oppression by government; anarchists have used it to promote their beliefs. However, Graeber went on to state: "Anarchy is about creating communities and democratic decision making. Film ini menceritakan seorang bernama V (Hugo Weaving). Political opponents, immigrants, Jews, Muslims, atheists, homosexuals, and other "undesirables" are imprisoned and executed. [66] The film was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form in 2007. Subsequent collected editions have been typically published under DC's more specialized imprint, Vertigo. V de Vendetta película - CINE.COM. Roger Ebert stated that V for Vendetta "almost always has something going on that is actually interesting, inviting us to decode the character and plot and apply the message where we will". [78] The first was "Street Fighting Man" by the Rolling Stones. Differences between the film and graphic novel, War is Peace. Her role in the film has parallels to her role in Léon: The Professional. [51], By December 2006, V for Vendetta had grossed $132,511,035, of which $70,511,035 was from the United States. In preparation for the role, Portman worked with dialect coach Barbara Berkery to speak in a British accent, studied films such as The Weather Underground, and read the autobiography of Menachem Begin. 5 7 minutes read. [42] The film renewed interest in Alan Moore's original story, and sales of the original graphic novel rose dramatically in the United States. Although at the time it was reported this was because of difficulties wearing the mask for the entire film,[10] he later stated this was not the case. Aku terdiam. [61], Jonathan Ross from the BBC blasted the film, calling it a "woeful, depressing failure" and stating that the "cast of notable and familiar talents such as John Hurt and Stephen Rea stand little chance amid the wreckage of the Wachowski siblings' dismal script and its particularly poor dialogue. Kekacauan merebak di mana-mana, kelaparan, penyakit dan juga angka kematian yang begitu tinggi. Finch finds Evey placing V's body aboard the train. [48] Making V for Vendetta" and the film's theatrical trailer, whereas the two-disc special edition contains three additional documentaries, and several extra features for collectors. As November the 5th, the day V says he and those who will follow him will stand up to the government once and for all approaches, Detective Finch (Stephen Rea) becomes more and more determined to uncover the truth about V, however his search leads him to ask to question whether or not he is on the right side. (In both stories, the hero escapes an unjust and traumatic imprisonment and spends decades preparing to take vengeance on his oppressors under a new persona. It could just as well been the Britain's Sky News Channel, also a part of News Corp."[13], The film was made by many of the same filmmakers involved in The Matrix series. Unity through Faith" is displayed prominently across London, similar in cadence to "War is Peace. Its closest rival, Failure to Launch, took in $15,604,892. [40] The filmmakers have denied this, saying that the delays were due to the need for more time to finish the visual effects production. Gordon, a very minor character in both versions, is also drastically changed. On the second disc of the special edition, a short Easter egg clip of Natalie Portman on Saturday Night Live can be viewed by selecting the picture of wings on the second page of the menu. [19][20] V and the Phantom both wear masks to hide their disfigurements, control others through the leverage of their imaginations, have tragic pasts, and are motivated by revenge. Like the so-called Führer, Sutler is given to hysterical speech. Disillusioned by the Party's regime, Finch allows Evey to send the train. While many believed that the government had banned the film, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television stated that it was not aware of a ban; CCTV makes its own decisions on whether to censor foreign films. Director James McTeigue first met Natalie Portman during the filming of Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, on which he worked as assistant director. He is arrested by Fingermen for broadcasting a political parody on his TV program, and is later executed when a Quran is found in his possession. Co-creator and illustrator David Lloyd supports the film adaptation, commenting that the script is very good but that Moore would only ever be truly happy with a complete book-to-screen adaptation.[27]. [27] After the release and relative success of Road House, writer Hilary Henkin was brought on to flesh out the project with an initial draft – one that bears little, if any, relation to the finished product, with the inclusion of overtly satirical and surrealistic elements not present in the graphic novel, as well as the removal of much of the novel's ambiguity, especially in regard to V's identity. V for Vendetta Synopsis Vigilante known as "V" uses terrorist tactics to fight the totalitarian state in which he lives. [59] Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "B+" on an A+ to F scale. Plot Keywords Intens, cerdas, jujur tetapi tidak menggurui, cerdas tapi tidak megah. Creedy, the current leader of the Norsefire Party, suggested releasing the virus onto the UK. Synopsis. The film led the U.S. box office on its opening day, taking in an estimated $8,742,504, and remained the number one film for the remainder of the weekend, taking in an estimated $25,642,340. They threaten to rape and kill her, but V, a figure dressed in a Guy Fawkes mask and cloak, saves Evey and kills her attackers. [29], The film adopts extensive imagery from the 1605 Gunpowder Plot, in which a group of Catholic conspirators plotted to destroy the then Houses of Parliament in order to spark a revolution in England. The film is a visual insult. But though V may be charismatic and have a passion for justice he also is bitter and has his own personal hatred of the government for something they did to him long ago. Ada tiga elemen utama dalam film dan unggul pada mereka bertiga. Di laman IMDb, film ini mendapat rating cukup tinggi, yakni 8.2/10. [79][80] Gordon Deitrich's Benny Hill-styled comedy sketch of Chancellor Sutler includes the "Yakety Sax" theme. There are also references to an avian flu pandemic,[22] as well as pervasive use of biometric identification and signal-intelligence gathering and analysis by the regime. Sex and race, because they are easy and visible differences, have been the primary ways of organising human beings into superior and inferior groups and into the cheap labour on which this system still depends." V for Vendetta Critics Consensus. This Film tells that on fifth of November, in London, there is a mysterious cloaked man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, called V, that continue of Guy Fawkes’ vendetta. Also like Hitler, Sutler is a racial purist, although Jews have been replaced by Arabs and Muslims as the focus of Norsefire ethnoreligious propaganda and persecution. As Parliament is destroyed, Finch asks Evey for V's identity, to which she replies, "He was all of us. [29] According to Portman: "the relationship between V and Evey has a complication [like] the relationship in that film." V confronts Dr. Delia Surridge, who experimented on him and others at Larkhill concentration camp; seeing her remorse, he kills her painlessly. V hijacks a BTN broadcast to claim responsibility for the destruction, encouraging the people of Britain to rebel against their government and meet him on next year's Guy Fawkes Night outside the Houses of Parliament. We see a police state that hold citizens in an iron grip and yet is humiliated by a single man who seems impervious. [78] The soundtrack also features three vocals played during the film: "Cry Me a River" by Julie London, a cover of The Velvet Underground song "I Found a Reason" by Cat Power and "Bird Gerhl" by Antony and the Johnsons.